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'Raw and primal' entertainment: Smashing stuff, ax throwing make adrenaline-filled entry into Central Florida

While bashing stuff, throwing axes or even shooting a machine gun might seem like good ways to relieve stress, there is little evidence it helps reduce anger or anxiety, said Jesse Cougle, a Florida State University psychology professor and researcher.

“The available research says the opposite, that when you vent anger, it actually just makes you more likely to express anger later,” he said.

Exercise and therapy are better options to reduce stress and anger than breaking stuff or other methods of channeling violence safely, he said.

But if bashing, shooting and chopping aren’t actually good forms of therapy, the demand is still high.

It’s exciting, and it seems violent and dangerous,” Ken Siu, co-owner of Epic Axe Throwing in downtown Orlando. “There’s definitely an adrenaline rush.”

Each group of customers gets a 10- to 15-minute safety session before starting, and instructors watch closely to make sure everyone leaves uninjured.

Key trends that will hit your wallet in 2019

If the U.S. economy continues to be strong, gas prices are expected to be headed higher. Yet economic jitters are increasingly causing worries.

If the economy stalls out or slows down in 2019, gas prices could go lower at some point after a spring bounce.

The average price in Michigan was $2.75 a gallon in 2018, but the average could end up as low as $2.50 in 2019, AAA says. Even as prices edge up at some point, many expect that we won't spike at any point above Michigan's high of $3.13 last year, according to AAA. 

The trade war with China is one of the great unknowns for 2019.

Some maintain that both the United States and China have strong incentives to reach some sort of agreement, given the latest volatility in the U.S. stock market and the deepening economic slowdown in China.

If China and the United States reach some sort of a deal, the U.S. economy could get a boost and consumers would see a jolt in gas prices, DeHaan said. 

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