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Cornerstone Mortgage Group Part 1 of 3 2009 Mortgage Market Forecast

Cornerstone Mortgage Group presents a 2009 mortgage market forecast on there prediction of how the next 2009 year will turn out. Hosted by Michael ...

Eye on the Industry: Updates on Black Knight, Hyland, and More

Florida-based  Black Knight, Inc.  has introduced  LoanSphere Servicing Digital , a new solution to help mortgage servicers deepen customer relationships and increase retention. LoanSphere Servicing Digital delivers detailed, timely, and highly personalized information to customers about the value of their homes and how much wealth can be built from these real estate assets. A consumer-centric solution, this interactive tool gives customers the ability to easily perform tasks and find information related to their mortgages, while providing a platform for continual engagement between servicers and their customers.  “Our goal with LoanSphere Servicing Digital is to give our servicing clients an engaging, consumer-centric tool for customer retention,” said Anthony Jabbour, CEO of Black Knight. “For many people, a house is the single greatest asset they’ll ever own. With that in mind, and employing a ‘design thinking’ approach, we’ve developed a solution that lets our clients provide their customers with ongoing, detailed information about their loans and homes, as well as the tools to help manage the wealth they have built in their homes.

RegTech: From Compliance Checkbox To Competitive Cornerstone

Bank of America is being sued for $120 million after failing to flag large deposits into small accounts, which were cleared a few days later. Previously, U.S. Bank was fined $600 million for failing to flag and report suspicious activity according to anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.

These are big banks making these mistakes, and they aren’t the only ones making headlines for regulatory blunders. According to John Epperson, principal at Crowe LLP , that goes to show that the current approaches to regulatory and compliance technology ( RegTech ) aren’t working.

There have been substantial investments in technology by financial services organizations – in particular, a spike in RegTech investments from traditional banks. Banks spent $100 billion on RegTech solutions last year, and $6 billion has been invested by venture capitalists since 2008.

Yet, Epperson says, despite all the money flying around, the problem is far from solved. Organizations are still struggling to extract the value and promise that RegTech has to offer.

Real Estate experts - Question about a down payment on house?

...If you know anything about buying houses, I need your help!

My fiance and I want/have to buy a house. We basically have no really idea how to go about this.

i would look into VA financing, you will also need 3100 for closing costs too.

you can get financing FHA at 3.5% down.