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What is the Food Bank of Northern Nevada

If you have ever wondered what the Food Bank of Northern Nevada is or does, this short video will give you a great understanding of our work ...

Lenders tread carefully in return to homebuilder finance

Flagstar Bancorp in Troy, Mich., formed a national homebuilder platform in 2016, and in June Umpqua Holdings in Portland, Ore., hired a new head for its homebuilder finance group with an eye on expansion in California . Bank of Nevada, a unit of Western Alliance Bancorp. in Phoenix, recently touted efforts to lend more to homebuilders around Las Vegas.

To be sure, growth-minded banks are more cautious than they used to be, industry experts said.

"The amount of due diligence paperwork and the amount of information that the [borrower] has to provide to the lender is extremely burdensome,” said Ruth Razook, founder and CEO of RLR Management Consulting. “Now every single item appears to be scrutinized.”

Much of that scrutiny is a result of heightened regulatory oversight after the financial crisis, Razook said, adding that mortgage requirements are “extremely difficult.”

Still, loans tied to one- to four-family residential construction rose 7% in the first quarter from a year earlier, to $76 billion, according to data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. That number is down 63% from the first quarter of 2008.

Member of Nevada City-based conspiracy sentenced to 10 years in prison for multi-million dollar bank and title fraud ...

According to court documents, between April 22, 2010, and November 18, 2011, Larsen was a member of a conspiracy that ran a mortgage elimination program purporting to help distressed homeowners avoid foreclosure. The conspirators fraudulently altered the chain of title on residential properties, sold the properties, and received the sales proceeds.

As a requirement for participation in the “mortgage elimination program,” the conspirators enrolled homeowners as members in a Nevada City-based church named Shon-te-East-a, Walks With Spirit, or its successor entity Pillow Foundation. The conspirators indicated to the homeowners these entities would offer protection against the banks.

Larsen ran a branch of the mortgage elimination program, recruiting homeowners into the scheme, marshalling the necessary recorded documents, and guiding the sale of the homes. Once the homeowner enrolled with Shon-te-East-a or Pillow Foundation, Larsen would have a sham deed of trust created and recorded, giving the impression that the homeowner had refinanced the mortgage loan with a new lender. In reality, the new lender was a fake entity controlled by the conspirators, and the homeowner owed no money to the purported new lender.

I was wondering, I have my bank acount in nevada is it possible to transfer it to california?

I wanted to transfer my account from nevada to california, I bank with bank of america. Is it possible for me to do that, will they charge me any fees of some sort?

Of course, if you have telephone banking you can do it on the phone, if you have online banking you may be able too do it online but it might be hard. Or you can just go down too the bank.