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What is the Food Bank of Northern Nevada

If you have ever wondered what the Food Bank of Northern Nevada is or does, this short video will give you a great understanding of our work ...

CCSD: High school students receiving 'financial sense'

Debt relief is one of the most Googled searches done by Southern Nevada residents.

With many drowning in debt and needing assistance to get out of their personal financial crisis, Friday’s “Raising the Bar" focuses on financial sense.

The Bank of Nevada and the Clark County School District are making sure students have that sense before they go off to college or out in the real world.

Edward Spencer, 17, is a Desert Pines High School student in teacher Terry Price's financial sense class.

Spencer decided to take the course, that prepares students for life's financial decisions, after watching his mom struggle and didn’t want to make the same mistakes.

"That's why I really want to be in here today, so I don't do that," Spencer said.

Democrats Who Voted to Deregulate Wall Street Got Wiped Out in a Setback for Bank Lobbyists

Note: Sinema ran against Martha McSally, and the race is still too close to call, though Sinema has a lead that appears strong. Notably, both Sinema and McSally supported the Dodd-Frank rollback as House members.

Heller, who was the top Republican in terms of commercial banking industry donations ($227,325), also did poorly, losing his race.

None of this is to say that the banking bill was the primary cause of defeat or sluggish performance on Election Day; there were far more important factors, from the relative conservative lean of the states, to the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation vote, to Trump’s racist fearmongering.

But the rationale for supporters was that voting for the Crapo bill would help them electorally. Not only could they tout working together on bipartisan relief for local lenders, but they could haul in campaign donations to outpace their rivals. This was the myth that was proven wrong by the results.

I was wondering, I have my bank acount in nevada is it possible to transfer it to california?

I wanted to transfer my account from nevada to california, I bank with bank of america. Is it possible for me to do that, will they charge me any fees of some sort?

Of course, if you have telephone banking you can do it on the phone, if you have online banking you may be able too do it online but it might be hard. Or you can just go down too the bank.