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Diversity and the Business Supply Chain in Mortgage

How can a minority-owned business get certified? What are the best practices to track and report vendor activity for diverse vendors in the mortgage and servicing industry? What steps can be taken to foster diversity in the appraisal business? These were just some of the questions that were tackled by experts during a webinar by the American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC), titled "Diversity and the Business Supply Chain."

Presented by Edmond Buckley, President Aspen Grove Solutions, Francisco Reyes, Director, Vendor Oversight, Altisource, Clint Welser, VP, Business Development, Laudan Properties, and Kirk Willison, SVP Government and Industry Relations, Altisource, the webinar began with an overview of how minority-owned businesses could get certified.

Going into the details for each, the speakers took the audience through the details of how a HUBZone designation qualified an entity to participate in federal contracts related to Low-Income Tax Credit areas. They also gave details on the different types of minority-owned enterprises that could qualify to get certified for businesses. These included LGBT-owned, service veteran-owned, small business entities, women-owned business entities, and minority business entities.

Soldiering On: Addressing the Mortgage Needs of Veterans

Safety. Security. Freedom. These are the principles upon which our nation was founded and are the ideals that our armed forces continue to defend to this day. But when our service members come home, are they being guaranteed the same dedication and determination for their successful transitions back into civilian life from those they served to protect? One group of industry leaders has set its sights on delivering this promise to those who promised it all.

The Veterans Financial Services Advisory Council (VFSAC) began with the mission to address the ongoing needs of veterans and their families in search of support related to housing and critical services. With the influence of prominent leaders from the housing, banking, finance, and mortgage-related companies, the VFSAC can provide support for established programs which support the function and stability of military families reacclimating to civilian life.

Ed Delgado, President, and CEO of The Five Star Institute, founded the VFSAC after he had the opportunity to present a mortgage-free home to a military Gold Star family at a home donation event in 2012.

Why is everyone upset about the Chairman of Countrywide not being allowed to go to Aspen to wine & dine ?

So what if.....he and other mortgage hi rollers are ready to rock and take it deep . .and after a large percentage of the loans they made go into foreclosoure! Is it his problem.....

Americans are upset... of course they are! Many homeowners were given loans that they could not afford, which made individuals and companies such as these a lot of money.