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Young farmers tackle problems to take root in Roaring Fork Valley ...


Making a successful go of it in small-scale farming and ranching isn’t easy, as Wendy Mitchell of Avalanche Cheese Co. discovered.

Mitchell announced this week her company will make the last batches of cheese at the end of the milking season in December. She raises goats on a dairy farm in Paonia and operates a creamery in Basalt. Avalanche Cheese Co. was founded in 2008.

The company produced products that put it on the artisanal cheese map, she said, and their sausage has won a medal at a national gourmet food competition.

But a variety of challenges have convinced her to close the business. It was tough to be profitable while upholding their principles. Mitchell explained her decision to close in detail in a guest column.

Mitchell said Friday she remains cautiously optimistic about small farming operations in the Roaring Fork Valley. She said maybe it was her inexperience that doomed Avalanche Cheese Co.

The Department Of Education Cuts Off A Student Loan Watchdog

The letters "CFPB" may not be much more than alphabet soup to your average student loan borrower. They stand for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a new-ish federal agency — created in 2011 — with a unique mission and a big effect on student lenders and for-profit colleges accused of defrauding or otherwise mistreating Americans.

But the U.S. Education Department has just called a halt to the enforcement collaboration between itself and CFPB. This move leaves 44 million student loan borrowers, owing $1.4 trillion in debt, with potentially less, or at least less-coordinated, oversight of their rights.

To understand why, let's look at how the CFPB got here, and how it does its work.

The Dodd-Frank Act , passed as part of the federal response to the 2007-08 mortgage crisis, established the CFPB to enforce consumer finance law.

Among its tasks, the bureau responds to consumer complaints about loans, mortgages and other financial products. Those gripes are key to the bureau's broader work, says Seth Frotman, CFPB's student loan ombudsman.

Why is everyone upset about the Chairman of Countrywide not being allowed to go to Aspen to wine & dine ?

So what if.....he and other mortgage hi rollers are ready to rock and take it deep . .and after a large percentage of the loans they made go into foreclosoure! Is it his problem.....

Americans are upset... of course they are! Many homeowners were given loans that they could not afford, which made individuals and companies such as these a lot of money.