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Rules reviewed to keep drug money out of BC real estate

Report on mortgage loans using money connected to the fentanyl trade, which police may have already been investigating. But Eby was made aware of the general problem of drug cash potentially being converted to loans after the NDP government took office last year.

Former RCMP deputy commissioner Peter German was appointed in September to examine money laundering in B.C., and to make recommendations on changes to policy. That applies to untraced cash being loaned for property purchases as well as being converted by casinos.

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“Are we getting the information we need at the Land Title Registry about these kinds of loans, to ensure that there are no loopholes being exploited,” Eby said Monday. “Are we asking the right questions about where the money came from.”

German’s report is due at the end of March, but the government has asked him to make recommendations as evidence comes forward. The province is also looking at additional measures to restrict foreign buyers from investing in B.C. real estate and pushing prices up beyond the reach of people living and working in B.C. cities.

Full data erasure: When “delete” is not enough

The first breach I suffered was from the finance company with which I had a mortgage on my family home. “Change your passwords,” I was told, along with 11 million other account holders whose details were stored on a stolen laptop.

The second time was an Internet hack into my broadband supplier’s customer database. I have since received many calls from people claiming to be from this company, informing me I have a problem with my Wi-Fi or laptop and stating they need to remotely access my PC to fix it.

Top data security challenges

We know that cybersecurity protects data stored on active computer systems, tablets, smartphones and other devices against security threats, such as malicious viruses, malware, phishing, botnets, ransomware, and more. But what happens when those data-bearing devices and equipment reach the end of the technology lifecycle? Can they still be reused safely? Should they be destroyed? What security precautions can organizations, and we as individuals, take to protect our data from falling into the hands of fraudsters and criminals?

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