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Apex of Nevada

Apex, Nevada - Panoramic

Video of me and Carey riding the trails around the Apex, NV area (located north of Las Vegas). All shots were made using one GoPro HD. The first ...

Switch announces big Gigawatt 1 joint solar project

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Switch plans to build the single largest solar project portfolio in the country in Nevada, the technology infrastructure company based out of Las Vegas announced today.

In a partnership with Capital Dynamics, the second-largest owner of solar projects in the U.S., the Gigawatt 1 solar project will be built in Southern and Northern Nevada.

The project will generate some of the lowest-priced solar power in the world and produce enough clean energy to power almost 1 million homes.

The project is part of Switch owner and Chief Executive Officer Rob Roy’s Gigawatt Nevada plan that he introduced in 2015. Among Switch’s goals, the company wants to power its data centers with 100 percent renewable energy.

“The foundation of Gigawatt Nevada is that Nevada should harness the sun the same way Alaska harnesses its oil to significantly benefit all Nevadans,” Roy said. “Nevada enjoys the best solar window in the nation and so we Nevadans should not only be using solar for ourselves, but exporting it throughout the western U.S. to create new jobs, tax revenue, economic diversification, and raise energy independence.

Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) Announces Contract Extensions for Executive Director and ...

The new AGEM members are:

Comtrade Gaming, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a high-end software and technology provider to the land-based and online gaming industry sectors. E4 Gaming, based in Mexico City, is a leading provider of casino layouts, currency options, table game equipment and loyalty kiosks in Mexico and Latin America. Gaming Specialized Logistics, based in Henderson, Nevada, provides management over the flow of goods and materials between points of origin and end-use destinations specifically for the gaming machine business. Millennial Esports, based in Toronto, Ontario, offers production of premium content, omni-channel marketing and distribution platforms and online and offline event creation and coordination. RCT Gaming, based in Mexico City, develops software and hardware for video bingo and slot machines and offers machines on a sale or rental basis. Rising Digital Corp., based in Las Vegas, develops, manufactures and distributes game products and systems with an

Do you think Planet X, GOD's Judegment on the World, 2012 Mayan Prophecy is Confusing to today's Scientist?

Some of the latest News on all this: 1s gI&NR=1
Many intelligent beings on earth are feeling like we are approaching an Apex Event Horizon of Change.

I do not believe that it is so much confusing to them as it is to some who are misreading the BIBLE and trying to tell "when the end will come". CHRIST said that "none will know save GOD.