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Apex of Nevada

Apex, Nevada - Panoramic

Video of me and Carey riding the trails around the Apex, NV area (located north of Las Vegas). All shots were made using one GoPro HD. The first ...

Las Vegas-Area Interchange Gets FHWA Redistribution Funds

“To accommodate an ever-growing state, we continue to add to our existing 5,300 miles of freeway infrastructure while proactively preserving existing roadways, some of which are the sole connections between Nevada communities,” Ragonese said. “This additional funding will augment existing funding to help us build and preserve roadways to keep Nevada safe and connected.”

The Garnet Interchange links I-15 and U.S. Route 93, a north-south route that runs from Wickenburg, Ariz., to British Columbia.

The project will increase capacity of U.S. 93 from two lanes to four lanes, as well as modify roads surrounding the interchange, including North Las Vegas Boulevard, Apex Great Basin Way, Grand Valley Parkway and Apex Power Parkway, according to NDOT.

“That is an area where it would be good to widen some of those lanes because I-15 is an essential corridor for Las Vegas. I-15’s a big deal for us. It’s kind of the artery for southern Nevada,” said Paul Enos, CEO of the Nevada Trucking Association. “For freight and people, getting all those tourists from Southern California into Las Vegas, it’s an essential road. It’s also an essential road for freight.

More Than 100 Nevadans Plead State's Case In Nation's Capital

More than 100 businesspeople and government officials from around Nevada are making the rounds in Washington, D.C., this week to lobby on behalf of the Interstate 11 project and against the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s annual trip to the capital attracted a record number of participants this year because of its track record of success, according to chamber CEO Kristin McMillan, who is leading the delegation.

“There’s no question that there is more interest," McMillan said, "We take not only our business leaders within the community but also other civic and community leaders, elected government officials and those that are running some of our local government agencies, state constitutional officers.”

McMillan pointed to chamber efforts serving as a catalyst for the 2014 designation of Tule Springs in the northwest Las Vegas Valley as a national monument.

She said the trip is also a good way to push longer-term issues, like the proposed Interstate 11 linking Phoenix to Las Vegas and Northern Nevada.

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