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Apex of Nevada

Apex, Nevada - Panoramic

Video of me and Carey riding the trails around the Apex, NV area (located north of Las Vegas). All shots were made using one GoPro HD. The first ...

North Las Vegas Adding Water Pipeline To Apex Industrial Park

LAS VEGAS, NV - North Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved an oversize agreement that will create a water line serving the city's Apex Industrial Park, remedying what Mayor John Lee called a "two decades-old problem."

The agreement will bring 12 miles of pipeline from North Hollywood Blvd. near Interstate 15 to serve the southern part of the industrial complex, according to the city. The city said it will install a $4 million water tank connected to an existing city well to provide water for the northern part of the industrial complex.

Construction will begin within two months and be completed by 2020, the city said. The city said it is working with Solo Investments I, LLC and MMesa319, LLC on the project. The estimated cost is $54.2 million.

The city hopes water will lead to further development of the land, and job creation.

"This was a goal I set before becoming Mayor," Lee said in a release. "To expand out city's tax base and create new opportunities for our residents, and thanks to the work of our council and staff, Apex will soon be the economic breadbasket for the entire southern Nevada region.

Melbourne airport honors fallen Air Force pilot with emblem - News 13

MELBOURNE, Fla. — A fallen U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot was honored Thursday at Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

Fallen Air Force Thunderbirds pilot honored at Melbourne airport Maj. Stephen Del Bagno performed at Melbourne air show He died a week later during aerial training in Nevada

Maj. Stephen Del Bagno was killed in a crash just a week after appearing in the Melbourne Air and Space Show, where the Thunderbirds performed.

He died April 4 during aerial training in Nevada.

On Thursday, a red Thunderbirds emblem, with his plane number 4, was painted in the spot where the nose wheel of his plane had been parked in front of the Apex Executive Jet Center at Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

Known by his call sign, "Cajun," Del Bagno and the team performed during the Melbourne air show the weekend of March 24.

Now, he's memorialized at his first and last air show.

"We've been privileged to be connected to the Thunderbirds for a couple of years now. All of our coworkers feel very close to that family, so it's very special for us," the jet center's James Toler said.

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