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Apex of Nevada

Apex, Nevada - Panoramic

Video of me and Carey riding the trails around the Apex, NV area (located north of Las Vegas). All shots were made using one GoPro HD. The first ...


Coyote hunts are a fixture among rural outdoorsmen nationwide, a response to the animals’ perceived threat to livestock. In many states, coyotes are unprotected by wildlife laws, meaning they can be hunted without a license or bag limits. Some states, including Utah, Texas, Colorado, and South Dakota, pay coyote bounties.

As a result, a contest circuit has sprung up in 49 states. The events have names such as the Iowa Coyote Classic, Idaho Varmint Hunters Blast from the Past, and the Park County (Wyoming) Predator Palooza. And, on a recent weekend in Austin, the much-anticipated Coyote Derby, which drew hunters from as far away as Utah and Las Vegas.

Environmentalists and animal-rights groups have petitioned to halt what some call “killing for kicks.” In 2014, California became the first state to ban all wildlife killing contests, and similar efforts are being waged in Vermont, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon. In 2015, critics petitioned Nevada wildlife officials to prohibit the contests. Putting a tally on the number of animals taken in a day, they said, is the very definition of frivolous killing. The Nevada Wildlife Commission voted 7-1 to deny the petition.

Apex Concerts: Shakespeare & Goethe

Apex Concerts, Nevada’s finest chamber music series, provides a literary bend to its usual offering. A performance of works by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Liszt and Brahms will explore the influence of these two pillars of world literature - Shakespeare and Goethe - on the creative process of the compositional giants of classical music. We are incredibly lucky to count with an all-star cast of musicians to join us on our journey. Assembling in Reno for this magical evening are the heavy-weights of chamber music - pianist Jon Kimura Parker, violinist Cho-Liang Lin, violist Matthew Lipman, cellist David Finckel and Apex co-artistic director, pianist Hyeyeon Park. 

Tickets: $35; $5 for University students with valid ID; free for 17 and younger. 

Note: Patron drop-off area: There is a bus stop driveway at the Virginia Street entrance to the Church Fine Arts building making it easy to drop off passengers before parking. Parking is free on arts-events evenings (after 7 p.m.) in the Brian J. Whalen Parking Complex, which is north of the Church Fine Arts building and south of Lawlor Events Center.

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