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Cole Taylor Mortgage is hiring, expanding at Ann Arbor headquarters

It’s been eight months since Cole Taylor Bank moved its mortgage banking division’s headquarters to Ann Arbor, and the company — fueled by increased mortgage market share and improved margins — is significantly growing.

More than 250 employees now staff the office in the Northeast Corporate Center on Green Road, up from 115 employees when the division moved from Hamburg Township last year.

“We grew very significantly between 2011 and early 2012,” said Cole Taylor Mortgage President Willie Newman . “In November, sections of our space had no (cubicles), now you go in there and you can barely walk around.”

Newman spearheaded the launch of the mortgage unit for the Chicago-based bank in December 2009, right in the midst of the U.S. housing market meltdown.

His strategy: Enter the market at the bottom, not the top.

“We thought there was an opportunity for something to start up and start clean,” Newman explained. “It’s a clean sheet with none of the legacy issues, no old technology, no loans, delinquencies or the issues people read about.

Annual FIU Eric Williams Lecture Warns About a Donald Trump Ascendancy

– To a crowd of about 140 that attended the 18th Annual Eric E. Williams Memorial Lecture on September 30, 2016, the former President of Guyana, Hon. Bharrat Jagdeo, delivered a scathing exposé of the likely negative impact to the Caribbean under a Donald Trump administration.

“The Caribbean and American Presidential Power: A Donald Trump Ascendancy”, co-sponsored by the African & African Diaspora Studies Program at FIU, generally focused on the danger of climate change to the Caribbean, and Trump’s promise to renege on the Paris Agreement, thus upending the entire debate – not to mention the special fund that has been established to assist developing countries in combating this particular global concern.

Mr. Jagdeo concluded that while a Hillary Clinton presidency would ultimately keep the status quo with respect to Caribbean affairs, and he posited that this was wholly unsatisfactory, Donald Trump’s woeful unpreparedness to effectively function in the international arena would be anathema to the most basic of Caribbean interests.