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The Finance 202: Trump's attack on Trumka could hurt him in NAFTA talks

President Trump celebrated Labor Day by alienating AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, a key defender of his trade policy, just as talks over the North American Free Trade Agreement enter a critical stretch. 

The attack highlights how the president remains stuck in guns-blazing mode even as his trade negotiators race to wrap up challenging talks with a top trading partner. And Trump needs to keep Trumka in the fold if he hopes to fulfill his campaign pledge of reworking NAFTA.

The Trump administration is resuming negotiations with Canada on Wednesday after failing to find agreement last week. And Trumka — whose federation represents millions of blue-collar Trump supporters — has offered critical support to the president’s push for better trading terms with its nearest neighbors.  But the labor chief criticized Trump’s broader record for working people in a Fox News Sunday interview , while also insisting that a reworked NAFTA include Canada. “Our economies are integrated,” Trumka said. “It’s hard to see how that would work without Canada on the deal.

Crookston grad's app links old-world banking, new-world tech

Susu refers to the rotational savings and credit associations found in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Latin America. Within the groups, people set a savings goal each month and contribute a standard amount to the pot.

Each person in the group takes turns cashing out the pot on a rotating basis. For instance, in a susu with 10 people who all agreed to contribute $100 a month, each person would be able to cash out $1,000 instantly when their spot in the schedule comes up.

Esusu takes that concept and digitizes it, connecting the group members' bank accounts and verification systems. Users pay a flat $10 month per pay in cycle for the service.

The shared savings and spending is a better way than other alternatives immigrants students and their families may face, said Abbey, who recalled his mother having to borrow money from high-cost payday lenders and pawnshops to pay for his first semester at Crookston.

Abbey, 26, graduated in 2013 from Crookston with a bachelor's in business management. He went on to graduate from an international nonprofit management program at New York University and has worked around the world as a business consultant.

Does American General Finance help to rebuild bad credit?

I have really bad credit from the past, but I am now paying off my old debt and trying to start new and build up my credit. A coworker told me that American General Finance can help me to rebuild my credit. Is this true?

i am currently paying off a loan from american general. this business is not really to build up your credit. it is a loan company. the best way to build up credit is to get a secure credit card through your bank.