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The Finance 202: Senate Republicans not on board with Trump's protectionist agenda

Congressional Republicans have proved flexible in accommodating themselves to President Trump’s leadership. But on one key issue — trade — a significant chunk of the party is still resisting. 

The latest: Half of the Senate GOP is urging Trump to reconsider his year-old decision to yank the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership. In a Friday letter, 25 of them encouraged him to “work aggressively” to renegotiate terms and rejoin the sweeping pact with 11 other Pacific Rim nations that the Obama administration originally organized. The push comes as the final version of the deal was released Wednesday. 

Trump himself cracked the door open for this particular appeal when he dangled the possibility of reviving U.S. participation in the agreement during a CNBC interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “I would do TPP if we were able to make a substantially better deal,” the president said . “The deal was terrible, the way it was structured was terrible. If we did a substantially better deal, I would be open to TPP.

JAMA: EHRs fail to reduce administrative billing costs

The administrative costs accounted for at least one-quarter of professional revenue for certain patient encounters, which researchers said were caused by varying contracts between hospitals and plans, in addition to variants in price schedules.

Costs of billing and insurance-related functions ranged from as low as 13 minutes or $20 per primary care visit to 100 minutes or approximately $215 for an inpatient surgical procedure. That's about 3 percent to 25 percent of professional revenue, according to the study.

Discharged ER visits cost providers 32 minutes or about $61 and both general inpatient stays and ambulatory surgical procedures cost about 73 to 75 minutes or around $124 to $170, the researchers found.

Overall, the study estimated billing costs for primary care services are about $100,000 per provider, annually.

"We found no evidence that adoption of these expensive EHR systems reduced billing costs related to physician services," Kevin Schulman, MD, of Duke Clinical Research Institute and Harvard Business School and one of the study's authors, said in a statement.

Does American General Finance help to rebuild bad credit?

I have really bad credit from the past, but I am now paying off my old debt and trying to start new and build up my credit. A coworker told me that American General Finance can help me to rebuild my credit. Is this true?

i am currently paying off a loan from american general. this business is not really to build up your credit. it is a loan company. the best way to build up credit is to get a secure credit card through your bank.