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Notarize Enhances Mortgage Platform to Enable Online Closings for Title Agents

“Title agents play an essential role in every real estate transaction and there was an opportunity to build out our Notarize for Mortgage solution to meet their specific needs,” said Pat Kinsel, founder and CEO of Notarize. “Notarize for Title Agents and the Notarize Title Network empower agents with technology to serve buyers and sellers online no matter where they’re located. The service is incredibly simple to use, enabling any agency to join. It’s also easy to integrate with the Notarize Mortgage API, enabling firms to connect their tools directly. We’re connecting the data and the talent on our platform to help offer online closings to as many people as possible, and we’re eliminating scheduling headaches, travel, human errors, hundreds of pieces of paper, and related costs.”

Notarize for Title Agents allows agents to offer online closings to their buyers and sellers. Title agents can create their own online closings, whether for all cash transactions, or when sellers’ documents need to be executed online. By joining the Notarize Title Network, they may receive, review and administer lender orders for online closings as well. Agents can walk buyers and sellers through the closing package online and give the OK to Close once the documents are finalized and the borrower is prepared to connect with a notary. The platform is free for title agents to register for and maintain access to; a fee is charged per transaction akin to the notary fee that often occurs in offline closings.

Texas' Proposition 2 Expands Home Equity Loan Market for Lenders and Consumers

Changes to Fees

Under the amendment, HEL-associated fees are capped at 2 percent of the loan value, instead of 3 percent, seemingly saving the consumer 1 percent. However, several items are excluded from the 2 percent cap, and consumers will be responsible for these costs in addition to fees falling under the cap. Excluded from the 2 percent cap are the costs of (1) third-party appraisals, (2) property surveys, (3) title insurance premiums, and (4) title examination reports (that cost less than the associated title insurance premium). Previously, these four fees were included in the 3 percent cap.

If the costs of the four excluded fees exceed 1 percent of the loan value, the consumer will end up paying more under the amended law than he or she would have paid under the previous rule. If, however, the excluded fees are less than 1 percent of the loan, the consumer will pay less, and the lender will earn less. 1

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How do i set up my own mortgage advisory business?

Hi Guys,
I am wondering if someone can help me. I am a qualified mortgage advisor (with 2 CeMap Papers) and the qualifictaions to sell non regulated insurance products. I used to work for a large building society but took some time out.

All the info you need to know about regulatory, licensing and qualification matters can be found here: firms/mortgage/index.