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Indecomm's IncomeGenius Now Integrated With Advanced Data's Income Tax Verification Service

In case you didn’t notice, integrations among software platforms of all types are running rampant through the mortgage industry. And, in many cases, these integrations are creating opportunities to automate processes, reduce errors and gain new operational efficiencies.

Such is the case with the new integration between Indecomm Global Services ‘ IncomeGenius income asset verification software and Advanced Data’s income tax verification 4506-T service .

This integration provides mutual clients with efficient access to digital tax returns and, thus, brings additional efficiency to the mortgage underwriting process.

Basically, users of IncomeGenius can seamlessly access tax records data via Advanced Data’s income tax verification service without having to leave the IncomeGenius interface.

The tax data is then combined with other borrower income data from the optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities in IncomeGenius to create a complete income analysis.

Advantage Systems Offers Advanced Reporting Module to Mortgage ...

The Advanced Reporting Module simplifies the process of producing the Mortgage Bankers Financial Reporting Form (MBFRF) and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing Service (NMLS) Call report. Without the Advanced Reporting Module, this process frequently takes two or more days to produce but with AMB’s Advanced Reporting Module, preparing the forms takes minutes.

“The Advanced Reporting Module has saved me time and headache when preparing these reports every quarter,” said Kelly Brinkman, controller at Summit Mortgage. “Many mortgage lenders try to prepare the MBFRF and NMLS forms manually and expend time and effort on a process Advantage Systems has fully automated with the Advanced Reporting Module.”

“Many mortgage bankers rely on Excel spreadsheets to prepare these complex quarterly reports, but our Advanced Reporting Module simplifies a tedious process that all mortgage bankers face,” said Brian Lynch, president of Advantage Systems. “The Advanced Reporting Module is just one example of how AMB has been able to save mortgage bankers time and streamline recurring procedures.”

How do i set up my own mortgage advisory business?

Hi Guys,
I am wondering if someone can help me. I am a qualified mortgage advisor (with 2 CeMap Papers) and the qualifictaions to sell non regulated insurance products. I used to work for a large building society but took some time out.

All the info you need to know about regulatory, licensing and qualification matters can be found here: firms/mortgage/index.