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Mortgage outsourcer QRL the latest to start buying correspondent eNotes

"QRL's ability to purchase and service e-notes will allow the credit unions and community banks that we service to stay ahead of the technology curve as they compete with the larger institutions in the race to improve the mortgage experience," Alex Rivera, a QRL managing director, said in a press release.

QRL will use electronic document and e-vault technology provided by DocMagic to facilitate the new capabilities.

While both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both buy e-notes, correspondent investors have been slow to adopt the technology. Wells Fargo, the largest correspondent aggregator, recently announced plans to buy mortgages originated with e-notes , while smaller players like Mid America Mortgage have also taken on e-note strategies in the correspondent channel in recent years.

Lenders named investor acceptance issues among their top concerns for using electronic notes in a joint Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac study conducted in 2016. And as the industry continues to make progress with digital mortgage efforts, the correspondent channel is beginning to evolve. The Money Source recently announced its partnership with Ellie Mae to provide correspondent lenders digital delivery and acceptance capabilities for loan data and documents.

The Money Source taps Ellie Mae to digitize correspondent lending

Ellie previously announced Investor Connect integrations with Caliber Home Loans, Flagstar Bank, Pacific Union Financial and Wells Fargo, when it launched the software back in May.

The system-to-system integration means lenders can avoid downloading loan files, saving them and then uploading them to their systems by allowing documents and data to be accepted with the click of a button. The move also reduces risk and improves data security through Investor Connect's document recognition and data-extraction technologies, according to TMS.

By automating traditional loan package delivery, the software helps speed up processes, ultimately improving the borrower experience.

"We're excited to be one of the initial correspondent investors to work with Ellie Mae to roll out this new level of automation to our lenders," said TMS President Ali Vafai. "As a first mover in the fintech space, we're always looking for key partnerships that can make the mortgage process easier for our lenders, clients and borrowers."

What are the competitors of American Mortgage Acceptance (AMEX:AMC) that are doing better than AMC?

AMC is a REIT on the AMEX. They seem to be doing "AMC underperformed the Sector by 70% and the Real Estate Operations industry by 52%" as quoted by Scottrade. I'm looking for an REIT that performs well.

the sector has really been beaten up, including AMC, with most of the comps down 40-90%. several comps with positive returns year to date include NLY, MFA, CMO, DX and VRTA.

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