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It just never existed

Mon, taking advantage of Rey’s illiteracy, made the latter affix his thumbmark on a document. Contrary to what they agreed upon, the deed of absolute sale provides, among others, that Rey acknowledged receipt of the purchase price in full and that the entire Mabolo property was sold to Mon.

Rey demanded the return of the Deed of Sale when Mon failed to pay the purchase price after the lapse of the one-month period. Since Mon refused to return the Deed of Sale, Rey caused the revocation of the Deed of Sale. Subsequently, Rey sold the entire lot to Abu and Kay.

Much to their consternation, Rey, and spouses Abu and Kay received information that the Register of Deeds issued a new title in the name of Mon.

Rey, Abu and Kay were then forced to file a complaint for Declaration of Nullity and Quieting of Title against Mon.

In court, Rey, Abu and Kay argued that the contract is void from the beginning because there was lack of consideration as there was no meeting of the minds between Rey and Mon.

What Is a Good Expense Ratio for Home Buyers?

For example, say a couple's possible monthly mortgage is $975—but homeowners insurance will cost $75 a month, taxes tack on $50 a month, and the neighborhood HOA fees are $25 a month. Since they're not putting 20% down, the lender requires a $75 PMI payment, bringing their total housing costs to   $1,200.

Divided by their cumulative monthly salary (before taxes) of $5,000, Harry and Sally's housing expense-to-income ratio is 28%—the absolute maximum most lenders will permit.

Debt-to-income ratio

Most lenders require a debt-to-income ratio no higher than 36%, although Freeman says people should try to get it to 28% or lower.

Here's an example: Our friends Harry and Sally make $5,000 per month. Their new housing costs will be $1,200 per month. Add in their two car loans —$500 total—and the wife's student debt—an additional $300 per month—to come up with a total cost of $2,000 per month.

Dividing their total monthly debt by their income and multiplying that by 100 create a debt-to-income ratio of 40%—a risky bet. But if their debt dropped by $600 a month, their ratio would be 28%. For most lenders, that ratio is acceptable.

Where is the best (only) bank to get the absolute best deal on a refinance mortgage?

Does any such organization exist in this thievery invented by jews? It seems no matter what my credit score is I ALWAYS will get dinged on either a) closing costs b) rate or most often BOTH!

I have placed this in the source box. There is a wealth of information there and a great free debt management software program. I bookmarked the site as I return to it often for the advice it offers. I hope this helps you.