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High expenses cast cloud over Wells Fargo earnings beat

) Executives about the bank's expenses on Friday after it failed to meet revenue expectations and indicated that costs may remain elevated in the near term.

Wells, the third-largest U.S. bank by assets, spent 61.1 cents for every dollar of revenue it generated in the second quarter. While that was an improvement from the first quarter, Wells' efficiency ratio remains above a targeted range of 55 to 59 cents in costs per dollar of revenue.

"Operating at this level is just not acceptable," Chief Executive Officer Tim Sloan said on a conference call with analysts to discuss results, echoing comments on costs he made earlier this year.

Wells Fargo has been taking measures to cut $4 billion from its annual expenses by 2019, including branch closures, curtailing travel and entertainment costs and even reducing the amount of postage it uses.

However, it takes about a year for savings to trickle down to the bottom line once branches close, said Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry.

10 highly salable factors of a real estate property

The ability to distinguish what is salable is an absolute must for any broker to survive and succeed in the real estate industry. Whether it is a condo, a townhouse or a detached home, there are some aspects that are inherent to the property itself and there are others that can be worked on by brokers and sellers.

What comprises a salable property depends on the buyers’ needs. Millennials prefer fuss-free units in the metropolitan area, while the affluent peruse multiple vacation homes in the countryside for recreation. Also, renovations and amenities that are specific to the property count. For instance, buyers on an apartment or condo hunt pay attention to convenient parking space, elevators and the like.

Arranged in order from least to greatest, here are the 10 highly salable factors of a real estate property that you should know for a faster sale close:

1. Every real estate deal entails working on legal documents, but the extent of paperwork (or the lack thereof) makes a property more difficult — even risky — to sell.

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