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A sad tale of no sale

The Certificate of Sale was annotated on the corresponding titles to the properties.

Despite the annotation of the certificates of sale on the title of the properties, Dibs Realty entered into a Contract to Sell with Esie over another house and lot covered by the certificate of sale.

Soon after, the TCTs of the properties bought by WBC Finance during the auction were cancelled and new ones were issued in favor WBC. Despite this, Dibs entered into a Deed of Absolute Sale with Baldy over another property together with the improvements existing thereon.

Meanwhile, WBC, through a Deed of Absolute Sale, sold to Qia the same subject properties which were by Dibs Realty in favor of Cay, Riv, Esie, and Baldy. Accordingly, new titles were issued to respondent Qia.

Expectedly, Cay, Riv, Esie and Baldy filed a civil complaint against respondents for the Annulment of Sheriff’s Sale and Other Documents with Preliminary Injunction and/or Temporary Restraining Order.

Many taxpayers skip the largest available tax credit

Deduct mortgage interest and property taxes. If you're selling - there's a home sale exclusion giving you a tax break when you sell a primary residence, if you lived there for more than two years.

Luke Richardson, an instructor with the Lynn Pippenger School of Accountancy says,"most taxpayers don't maximize their benefits because they fail to take advantage of things that they've got."

Richardson says to go for the absolute maximum on deductions, adding only one percent of the population is audited.

"You can be aggressive. I mean you absolutely can," he says. "People think you have to be absolutely certain that is not the case."

Don't skip the deductions - and take the credits.

"If you're pursuing higher education there are tax credits for that," Richardson reminds.

The most commonly missed opportunity, he says, is the earned income credit, or EIC, for those with lower incomes.

Where is the best (only) bank to get the absolute best deal on a refinance mortgage?

Does any such organization exist in this thievery invented by jews? It seems no matter what my credit score is I ALWAYS will get dinged on either a) closing costs b) rate or most often BOTH!

I have placed this in the source box. There is a wealth of information there and a great free debt management software program. I bookmarked the site as I return to it often for the advice it offers. I hope this helps you.