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Jason Berg of Teaneck Opens Bergen County Branch of Absolute Home Mortgage Corp.

Jason Berg of Teaneck has been tapped by Absolute Home Mortgage Corp. to be the branch manager of its new Bergen County office in Hackensack. A 13-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Berg is well known by realtors and buyers who laud his ability to make and close loans quickly while earning their trust and confidence.

There’s a big mountain to climb between finding a home to buy and taking ownership. A good loan officer walks a client through the process from beginning to end, according to Berg. He himself gets high marks on that score from clients. “Buying a house can be very stressful,” said Maytal Perl, who has bought two homes with Berg. “Jason goes above and beyond; he helps with everything, every aspect of the purchase. He referred us to all the right people—a lawyer, contractor, even a plumber and handyman. He’s honest, reliable and when he’s busy, he’ll always call back.”

Berg helps potential homebuyers who are referred to him determine affordability and assess their qualifications for a mortgage. He began his career as an underwriter so he knows how mortgages are made, giving him an edge over competitors. “Each person’s financial picture is different,” said Berg. “With so many different types of mortgages available, a loan officer has to ask all the right questions to give homebuyers advice and guidance on which product to choose.” He also has to be aware of any problems that could derail the mortgage. “I ask a buyer questions to find the red flags,” Berg added. “I need to find out up front if there is something that might disqualify the loan so we can figure out options to help him qualify.

Mortgage Rates Start Lower, But Pushed Back Up After Jobs Report

Mortgage rates   were sideways  today, on average, but only after the dust settled on some morning volatility.  The big jobs report was released at 8:30am ET, and it frequently has an impact on the bond market that underpins mortgage rates.  While today's effects weren't huge, they were the biggest we've seen this week and they accounted for the quickest swings between stronger and weaker levels.

The data itself was a bit weaker than expected.  Specifically, the economy added only 164k jobs compared to a median forecast calling for 192k.  Still, this was "good enough" as far as many traders were concerned, given that last month's numbers were more than 60k lower when they were first released.

Rates' first reaction was to improve, thanks to the weaker numbers.  But once traders got the initial reaction out of their system, they agreed that it was "good enough," thus pushing rates back up.  Many lenders had already published the day's first rate sheets before the volatility truly set in.  That left those lenders in a position to issue reprices (new, negatively revised rate sheets).  It was those revisions that brought the average back in line with yesterday's.

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