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Everything you need to know about SAP's new CRM product: C/4HANA

Without naming them, McDermott criticised existing CRM providers (Salesforce), saying that customers can now move from "a first-generation cloud CRM experience, which by the way most users don't like, to the best consumer grade CRM experience in the industry" with C/4HANA.

Close observers would have telegraphed this announcement , as McDermott said on an earnings call for Q1 2018 in April: "So-called cloud CRM is nothing more than overpriced software running on first generation SaaS architecture. This is probably why so many have responded so eagerly to SAP's recent statement about a new vision for CRM. They know, change is coming, we are coming."

Going further McDermott responded to an analyst question by stating: "Basically we are going to rebrand the whole CRM category, it's going to be a massive movement at Sapphire and we're going to show every customer that they can be a best-run business by running SAP and no longer do they have to be relegated to an outdated sales platform with complex integration layers trying to get that data out of the ERP system.

As Apple diversifies, what's next for Foxconn?

The Xiaomi model?

It is still unclear how hard Foxconn will push its own products in the mainstream consumer electronics business, a hyper-competitive arena where sophisticated marketing is crucial.

Fan at Trendforce says Foxconn could do more deals to acquire established brands. "It will use whatever branding there is already," he said, rather than try to build a Foxconn brand. The company earlier this year added to its brand portfolio with the acquisition of Belkin, a well-known U.S. maker of computer accessories.

Chen, the Yuanta analyst, said Chinese smartphone juggernaut Xiaomi could be a model for Foxconn to emulate.

He said Xiaomi is not only selling its phones and other products but also has a range of services to go with them, offered through their own stores.

But Woo expressed caution: "We're still looking at how to go about doing that without any direct conflict with our current customers," he said.

The world's largest contract manufacturer is planning long term, Gou said on Wednesday.

Vedic astrologers , Does wearing a Ruby good for me on professional front?

As exalted Sun 10 degrees is lord of my 10th house of career and is functionally benefic as per my Scorpio rising , it is placed in 6th house of work , health , service or debt etc...

Gemstones = hogwash.