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Brokamp:  Yeah.

Southwick:  Is he in his twenties?

Brokamp:  He's younger.

Southwick:  Is he wearing a hoodie?

Brokamp:  Something like that. He's very informally dressed, I'll tell you that.

Southwick:  Yes. I can't actually read minds, it's just a pretty common bias that tech entrepreneurs are young dudes in sneakers -- emphasis on young, emphasis on dudes. Sneakers, eh. As Mark Zuckerberg told an audience at Stanford back in 2007, young people are just smarter; although, now that he's a father, I doubt that he feels the same way. New Republic noted in an article about ageism in Silicon Valley that the website of ServiceNow , a large, Santa Clara-based IT services company, featured the following advisory in large letters atop its career page: "We want people who have their best work ahead of them, not behind them.

Vedic astrologers , Does wearing a Ruby good for me on professional front?

As exalted Sun 10 degrees is lord of my 10th house of career and is functionally benefic as per my Scorpio rising , it is placed in 6th house of work , health , service or debt etc...

Gemstones = hogwash.