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Judges divided in hearing on consumer agency power

AP Business Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal appeals judges are divided as they hear arguments over whether the president should be able to more easily fire the head of the government's consumer finance watchdog agency.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, in a rare hearing Wednesday by a majority of its judges, took up the politically charged case involving the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the power of its director. The judges are reconsidering a three-judge panel's 2-1 ruling last fall that would make it easier for President Donald Trump to fire CFPB Director Richard Cordray. He was appointed in 2011 by President Barack Obama.

Lawyers for the Trump administration and a company sanctioned by the consumer agency argued that the way the CFPB was created, by Obama and Democrats in Congress after the financial crisis, violated the Constitution, by giving the director excessive power.

The 11 judges - six appointed by Democratic presidents and five by Republicans - appeared split along ideological fault lines as they challenged, in turn, the opposing arguments put forward by the Trump administration and the CFPB.

Mortgage company says eviction process started for accused Wilson County squatter


Jude Pischke claims he's been unfairly portrayed by another news station that charged him with assault after he allegedly threatened them with an axe.

Pischke says he turned to FOX 17 News in hopes of setting the record straight.

Jude Pischke admits he's been living at a home on Nonaville Road in Mt, Juliet for years without paying rent, a lease or mortgage. He does not own the property but says a little known law allows him to live here legally.

Without anyone's permission, Jude and his children moved into a foreclosed property in October of 2014.

"Would you want to say about that are you a squatter," says Reporter Erika Lathon.

"No ma'am there are adverse possession rights, this house was abandoned and I've been using adverse possession paying the taxes and maintaining the property for four years," Pischke said.

Pischke says after paying back taxes, he took possession under the little know "Adverse Possession law."

Sold house, notified insurance company but they did not cancel, caused me to lose refund, what are my rights?

We sold our house a year ago in Montana. I contacted the insurance company during office hours to cancel the policy, noone answered, so I left a message. I thought that it had been taken care of.

If you can prove with documentation that the house was sold, send written notice directly to the insurance COMPANY, not the agent. This happens all the time and the company should backdate the cancellation and refund your money.