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Dean Baker on Bogus Mortgage Settlement

Feb. 9, 2012 - Full of sound and fury, signifying another back door bailout. Dean Baker sets the story straight on BBC World News.

Circuit Court – June 16

The state of Indiana recently filed cases against the following people in Hancock County Circuit Court:

May 29

Christopher Kendall, intimidation.

May 30

Asia T. Cunningham, burglary, auto theft, theft of a firearm.

May 31

Logan L. Neace, burglary, theft.

Carrie Karge, burglary, theft.

June 1

Austin Vickers, burglary, theft.

Shawn Robinson, fraud on a financial institution, forgery, counterfeiting, identity deception, false government identification.

Johnisha J. Coley, fraud on a financial institution, forgery, counterfeiting, identity deception, false government identification.

The following civil actions were recently filed in Hancock County Circuit Court:

May 29

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee for the CMLTI asset-backed Pass-TH v. Dennis R. Baker, Crystal L. Baker, mortgage foreclosure.

May 30

American Express National Bank v. Mary Clevenger, MPC Investments, civil collection.

Beacon Hill moves to raise $50 million in fees on rental cars, real estate transactions

“More is never enough,” said Chip Ford, executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation. “I don’t care how much they take in, they want more, more, always more! It’s just a ceaseless drive to take more from the taxpayer — by any means necessary.”

The car rental surcharge has nearly universal support in the Legislature, passing in the House, 149-4 , and in the Senate as a budget amendment, 37-0 , with the backing of every Republican. Those margins would easily override a Baker veto.

Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, a Winthrop Democrat, said, “The House heard from police chiefs and recognizes the need for additional funds for municipal police training.”

That new rental car fee would add up to $8 million or more each year, and would be deposited in a fund for municipal police training for recruits as well as veteran officers. It would create a steady stream of revenue that law enforcement officials and advocates say is sorely needed.

Is the banking/mortgage meltdown the goverment's fault to begin with?

Does this crisis show the failure of capitalism? Or does it show the failure and arrogance of government meddling? Is it possible that ONE MAN is responsible?

This is really oversimplified. The US doesn't have a purely capitalist economy. It has a mixed economy that combines elements of a free market economy and a socialized economy.