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CNBC's Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party

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Gateway Mortgage Group Demonstrates Dedication to Serving Native American Communities

In 1990, November was designated as National American Indian Heritage Month, which recognizes the significant contributions the first Americans made to the foundation and development of the United States. Native American Indians have a rich culture and legacy that should be celebrated and supported, and currently, there are 567 federally recognized tribes across the nation.

Gateway is passionate about strengthening families, and the company prides itself on hiring local, caring mortgage professionals who are experienced with the Section 184 Home Loan Guarantee Program and are committed to Native American communities. Created in 1992 by HUD, the program provides low down payments and flexible underwriting to Native American borrowers. Additionally, Gateway supports its Native American customers in contacting their tribe’s housing authority to determine if down payment assistance is also available. The company offers solutions to meet every mortgage need with customized products, rates and technology. Gateway provides these services to Native Americans in 40 states including Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota and more. Since 2000, Gateway’s core purpose has been to originate and service home loans for all Americans.

Why is the Obama government starting the next housing bubble?

Seriously foloks, this reeks of stupid.

Among other remedies: favorable interest rates and down-payment assistance for minority borrowers with weak credit.

It's part of Barry's plan to destroy the U.S.