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CNBC's Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party

RIck Santelli discussing Obama's Mortgage Plan ... Heritage Foundation ... "rick santelli" cnbc "heritage foundation&quot ...

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Nationwide Mortgage Bankers , an independent mortgage lender, has introduced its mortgage service that provides information regarding best homebuying practices to persons who speak Spanish . This platform, Americasa, was created to educate the Latino community on the best mortgage options available to them. In the U.S. today, there is a lack of information related to mortgage borrowing available to Spanish speakers. NMB saw an opportunity to better serve Spanish-speaking person's by developing a Spanish language resource for potential borrowers to fill this gap and provide educational resources surrounding the mortgage process. According to a 2017 survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, 41 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home. This makes Spanish the second most common language spoken in the nation. Of this number, only 59.9% speak English "very well," according to the same survey. This means that 40.1%, or over 16 million people, may have trouble reading information when it is written in English. Especially with the verbose language of the mortgage industry, there's a clear need for materials that accommodate native Spanish speakers. That's where Americasa comes in.With increased accessibility of knowledge through NMB's Americasa, Spanish language speakers can feel empowered to learn more about the mortgage lending process.

Hamilton: Writing senility joke as bathtub floods

HOLLYWOOD--God bless America, and how›s everybody?

 The Wall Street Journal reports that bankruptcies are on the rise across America this summer with many upscale lifestyles in jeopardy. One trait the Americans inherited from the British is the determination to keep up appearances. If I’m ever shot in a WalMart, please drag my body to Target.

The Hollywood Reporter says Paramount’s family movie Dora the Explorer and the Lost City of Gold finished fourth in the box office race last weekend. On Sunday, I saw Dora at the movie theater and she was hiding from Immigration. At least she no longer has to hide from Jeffrey Epstein.

Fox News interviewed a federal warden who said Jeffrey Epstein being given enough privacy to kill himself or get murdered is unexplainable. He’d partied with many powerful people he could destroy with his testimony. The guard assigned to watch Epstein died in a traffic accident tomorrow.

Billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein was pronounced dead Saturday after guards found him hanging in his cell with a rolled up bed sheet tied in a noose around his neck. It appears he was acting as his own lawyer. Epstein faced forty-five years in prison and settled for a suspended sentence.

Why is the Obama government starting the next housing bubble?

Seriously foloks, this reeks of stupid.

Among other remedies: favorable interest rates and down-payment assistance for minority borrowers with weak credit.

It's part of Barry's plan to destroy the U.S.

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