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CNBC's Rick Santelli's Chicago Tea Party

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First American Mortgage Solutions Unveils API Gateway to Simplify and Accelerate Digital Lending

“We’re providing a virtual key to unlock First American’s universe of data assets and services in their raw form to help lenders deliver a better, modern online mortgage experience,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “By reimagining the digital loan process, it opens the door to innovation across the loan lifecycle.”

Application developers from lending organizations, loan origination system (LOS) providers, fintech companies and Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions can obtain and configure data and services on demand, when and how they need them. First American Mortgage Solutions’ Digital Gateway features flexible architecture and a single platform to access APIs, which can be repurposed to create loan process efficiencies. Examples include loan application pre-population, custom workflows and automated data validations.

The initial First American solutions available as standalone services include granular data for identity, occupancy, property, liens and judgements, and ownership. Coming soon is transparency into major milestones in the fulfillment of services, such as status updates on appraisals and title and settlement, followed by compliance and vendor management.

Federal Housing Administration Should Not Terminate Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Only a few years after the Federal Housing Administration required $1.7 billion in special appropriations from Congress to cover losses in its single-family housing mortgage insurance program, some members of Congress now want to derail the agency’s efforts to return to some semblance of fiscal sanity.

Implementing these changes would be unfair to federal taxpayers that subsidize the cost of the Federal Housing Administration’s insurance programs, and to the private insurance companies that compete with the Federal Housing Administration.

What the Program Does

The Federal Housing Administration’s flagship program is the single-family housing mortgage insurance program, an insurance portfolio that has tripled in size over the last decade to almost $1.2 trillion.

The Federal Housing Administration does not directly lend through its flagship housing insurance program, and instead relies on eligible financial institutions to originate and service the loans.

Why is the Obama government starting the next housing bubble?

Seriously foloks, this reeks of stupid.

Among other remedies: favorable interest rates and down-payment assistance for minority borrowers with weak credit.

It's part of Barry's plan to destroy the U.S.