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Financial solution for the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College, China

Within the Chinese market Siemens is almost the only multinational company that can provide financial services and technology as one complete ...

CNL Financial Group's CEO Tom Sittema resigns

Mauldin joined CNL in 2011 as president and chief operating officer of CNL Lifestyle Properties and CNL Healthcare Properties. He is group president and executive leader for all CNL real estate focused funds.

Bhavsar has spent the past 16 years working with CNL-affiliated companies, and has a banking and financial services background. He has served as chief financial officer for three different banks, including CNL Bank.

The leadership change will be effective at year-end, but Sittema and Schmidt said they will consult with CNL through the first quarter of 2018.

“I deeply appreciate the contributions made by Tom and Tracy to our company’s success, and I look forward to working closely with Steve and Chirag as we prepare for the next cycle of opportunity to benefit our investors,” Seneff said in an announcement.

Sittema, 58, arrived in Orlando in 2009, just as the impact of the Great Recession was at its peak. At the time, CNL had been almost entirely focused on real estate. As an alternative investment manager, CNL invests people’s money in areas other than stocks and bonds. CNL is best known to many Orlandoans as the company that built two office towers next to City Hall in downtown Orlando.

LPL Financial Welcomes Firms in the Planners Network - NASDAQ ...

TPN was formed 18 years ago by like-minded advisors at NPC who joined together to leverage their collective scale in business operations and to provide opportunities for professional growth through educational programs and networking resources. TPN is managed by a board of directors and a chief operating officer, Kären Locklin, who work on behalf of the firms in the group. TPN is made up of approximately 75 advisors operating primarily as single-person or small offices.

David Williams CFP® serves as the current TPN board president and is founder of Retirement Investment Specialists, a three-person office in Santa Rosa, Calif. He said, "As a network, our advisors have been able to accomplish more than we could do as individual firms. TPN connected us in meaningful ways both personally and professionally. Valuing our network so much, it was important that we choose a firm that would support our relationships and our businesses. With LPL, we have the ability to establish ourselves in a way that helps us to be able to pursue our individual goals and our group's goals. We also gain access to the firm's enhanced technology resources, advisory platforms and transitioning tools, all of which will help with the move and our long-term success."

Has anyone had a phone call from a group called Affiliated Financial Services?

They claim to be able to reduce my interest rate on my credit card by a one time payment of $995. It sounds like fraud to me, but I need a little bit of guidance. Help?