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Why saving is the habit you should never give up on
Why saving is the habit you should never give up on If your nest egg is virtually non-existent, the first thing you need to do is to build up some cash. If you are saving short term for a holiday, or putting money However, the disadvantage with these accounts is that the provider may not be offering

Reverse-Mortgage Rule Changes Draw Professor to the Business
Longbridge, founded two years ago by former executives of New York Life Insurance and Fidelity Investments, is entering the business as reverse-mortgage lending plummets. Industrywide, originations fell to 60,000 in the U.S. government fiscal year 2013

Industry Veteran Clay Cornett to Lead ALAW Sales Efforts
(Photo: Cornett, who most recently served as executive vice president of sales for ServiceLink, a Fidelity National Financial (FNF) Company, has more than 30 years of experience and service

Goldman May Ban Certain Online Chat Services For Traders: WSJ
The company owned by Hank Scorpio at first appears to be one of those "progressive" 1990s workplaces where the boss wears loafers and everyone is on "flexi-time," until it emerges the loafer-wearing boss is a James Bond-style supervillain hell-bent on 

Suze Orman Says to Pay Off Your Mortgage First

Financial Advisor Suze Orman advises that paying off your mortgage is a priority because it reduces financial risk. Suze says to pay off your ...

Pueblos' property claims spark bank feud

Robert Warburton, an Albuquerque lawyer representing LANB, said the properties are in the Santa Fe area.

He said he could not name the pueblos without first consulting with other lawyers in the case. Those lawyers, at a Dallas law firm, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

LANB says Fidelity’s repurchase demands are “flawed and meritless” because any claims by the pueblo were made after the deal between the two banks.

The Los Alamos bank is asking a federal judge to rule that it did not breach its agreement with Fidelity and that it is not obligated to repurchase the 240 mortgages.

Although the pueblos have not been identified, a drawn out legal fight was set off several years ago when San Ildefonso Pueblo claimed roads in northern Santa Fe County that had previously been maintained by county government.

The roads provided access to many non-Indian residents’ homes. The pueblo’s assertion of ownership of the roads – supported by Department of Interior, of which the Bureau of Indian Affairs is part – clouded residential titles, made it difficult to sell houses and drove down home values, the residents and local Realtors said.

Do you own Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)? Is the return of principal taxable? Tax help please!?

I inherited some Mortgage Backed Securities (mortgage pools, pass-thrus) that are now held for me by Fidelity. For years on the typical 15th or 20th of the month I got interest and return of principal.