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Kam's Mortgage Minute - Queens Diamond Jubilee and Disneyland What an amazing monarch and a fantastic place

America's Jubilee Nightmare

As you know if you've ever read the story, every adult has to draw a card from the black box. Whoever pulls out the card with the mark of death (a black spot) is stoned to death.
It's a ritual killing. Every member of the community must take part. They even hand a stone to the victim's young son, so he can take part in the ritual.
The jubilee we're about to experience will have many of the same characteristics...
Millions of Americans will soon be calling for it. Some violently. The young, the poor, and the ignorant will all rally for the jubilee. They will, in effect, start piling up stones. And the person who is going to be ritually killed? That will be us.

Let me explain...
Economies collapse when debt-service costs grow faster than income for a long time – usually 50 years or more. These aren't normal default cycles. These are far different. These are debt-fueled revolutions.

How ironic is this, Wall Sreet all over again.?

The President of the USA celebrates his 50th Birthday today, on the very day Wall St. plunges after his borrowing binge.

And it is no coincidence that the rich folks who are heavily invested in the market pulled out within days prior to its collapse and are on cnn, msnbc, and of course fox telling the small time investors to leave their money where it is?