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A biblical answer to the $1 trillion problem of student debt

(RNS) — The festive sights and sounds of college gradations, captured in photos and video, are coming soon to our social media feeds. As we celebrate the educational achievements of friends and family, let us as people of faith not lose sight of the $1 trillion trail of tears that so many of these graduates will now walk. It’s a walk I am personally familiar with.

As of 2016 there was a total of at least $1.3 trillion worth of student debt in the U.S. —more than any other from consumer debt except mortgage debt. I have long held that this massive amount of crippling, soul-crushing, economy-damaging student debt is the latest great sin of this nation. If left unaddressed, this national crisis will inflict grave and lasting damage.

When I was in seminary I championed the idea that the theologic academy could and should play a much more active role in helping graduates grappling with student debt. Some graduate students’ debt from schooling (including my own) is well over $125,000.

Help to Buy is giving Newport house hunters a massive boost

The scheme enables anyone, both first time buyers and existing owners, to put down just five per cent as a deposit for their new home and to take advantage of a government equity loan and access to more affordable mortgage rates.

Richard Lawson, sales director for Barratt Homes, said: “We have seen strong demand for the Help to Buy - Wales scheme at all of our developments in South Wales and it has made such a difference to buyers.

“It has given first time buyers exactly the kind of help they needed to take their first steps on the housing ladder and enabled families wanting more space to move to a larger home using the equity in their current home as a deposit.”

Help to Buy - Wales allows any homebuyer to secure a brand new home under the value of £300,000 with just a five per cent deposit. The Welsh Government lends the buyer 20 per cent of the value of the property in the form of an interest free equity loan for five years, meaning that buyers then gain access to some of the great mortgage rates currently available with just a 75 per cent mortgage. Available to all homebuyers, not just first timers, the scheme helps anyone looking for a boost up the property ladder.

How ironic is this, Wall Sreet all over again.?

The President of the USA celebrates his 50th Birthday today, on the very day Wall St. plunges after his borrowing binge.

And it is no coincidence that the rich folks who are heavily invested in the market pulled out within days prior to its collapse and are on cnn, msnbc, and of course fox telling the small time investors to leave their money where it is?