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We share tips for top family meals out without breaking the bank — plus how to get a free fiver

Timing. Stay away from peak eating times at weekends. Many restaurants have days when kids eat for free so look out for those, as well as times before the evening rush when prices are lower. If you only have time at the weekend, go for a lunch rather than dinner, as these menus are usually cheaper. At The Real Greek chain, children eat free on Sundays when an adult spends more than £10, saving £6.75. T&Cs apply. Vouchers and codes. Always check discount code sites and apps for any deals, such as two-for-one offers. Restaurants often use these to entice customers who would not normally be able to afford them. has an offer where kids eat for £1 at Harvester , saving £5.99. Ends Sunday. Choose wisely. Giving children free rein to eat whatever is on the menu means spending more than you need to.

Gaza conflict is complicated

My wife, Karen, and I were in Israel in 2005 when the Israeli government began its removal of all Israelis from Gaza. We were staying 10 kilometers (about six miles) north of the Gaza border at the time. Hundreds of relocated Jews from Gaza were put in temporary housing near a beach that we liked to go to, not far from where we were staying.

When the last Israeli was removed, Israel left behind in Gaza a water filtration and sewage system, an electric grid and greenhouses that employed thousands of Gazans and that exported more flowers to Europe than any other country on the Mediterranean. Hamas refused to accept the plans to the public utilities from Israel to avoid giving Israel good press, and the greenhouses were taken apart and disposed of, leaving thousands unemployed.

In the waning days of the Clinton administration, President Clinton proposed the “Clinton Parameters” to settle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. The Palestinians were to get a state with a capital in East Jerusalem and comprising Gaza and 97 percent of the West Bank plus 3 percent of Israeli land adjacent to the border in a land swap for the 3 percent of the West Bank that would become part of Israel.

Home loans through BankPlus?

Has anyone ever taken out a home loan through BankPlus? If so, do you know if they offer any kind of grants or anything like that to use towards putting a down payment on your home?

I don't know BankPlus, but I can tell you this. The type of grant/down payment assistance is not provided by banks/lenders. Typically, this is done by governmental agencies and/or housing non-profits.