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AmSouth Bank

AmSouth - "Build on the Basics" excerpt

Clip from a short film created for an AmSouth bank convention event. Directed by Wayne Franklin.

A Civil Rivalry: Auburn vs. Alabama and the battle for hardwood supremacy

When asked about the caper, Sanderson says to tell Farmer he “denies having any part of it.”

Alabama, in addition to being a football-mad state, was, during the 1980s, a closely-knit community. Though athletic allegiances were harshly divided, both Alabama and Auburn fans dined at the same restaurants, toured the same shopping centers, and vacationed in the same beachy venues. It was a time of AmSouth Bank, I-95 radio with Mark & Brian, and Parisian department store. Folks arrived in droves to taste the Cantonese cuisine of Joy Young restaurant at Brookwood Village. Commercials boasted the wacky duo at Jim Skinner Ford, where the tagline was “A hundred dollars says we’ll beat your best deal — regardless!” and Country Boy Eddie woke us up with his famous mule call. Football remained the bell cow, but college hoops was emerging as a respectable bovine in the grading competitions of Alabamians.

Nearly 30 years have drawn by since this Golden Age of Alabama-Auburn basketball, when Alabama’s Wimp Sanderson and Auburn’s Sonny Smith toured the sidelines and enlivened press conferences with their slapstick humor. Newspapermen, including an eager reporter with the Birmingham Post-Herald, Paul Finebaum, gathered lustfully around the two coaches, snickering, waiting on the bizarre. Sonny and Wimp, serving up their spectacular, double-fisted comedy, did not disappoint. “It just seemed like there was a quirkiness about Sonny and a quirkiness about me that when you went to a press conference in Birmingham — we didn’t have on silk suits — but people came to listen because they weren’t sure what we were going to say,” Sanderson said. “They came to listen to Sonny ’cause he’s funny. They came to listen to me because they weren’t sure what I was going to say. I might say something worth writing. I’m liable to say anything.

Dr. Cynthia McCarty to seek second term on State Board of Education

“There are hundreds of outstanding educators, leaders and programs in our schools,” said McCarty. “I’m proud of the progress we’ve made over the past three years, but there are still issues to be resolved. The education we provide for our students must constantly be adapting and improving to meet the increased needs of our students, the demands of our labor market and the rigor of our institutions of higher education.”

McCarty stressed the importance of providing public schools with the relevant resources to meet these needs.  “Specifically, I’d like to see our state place a greater emphasis on high-quality, relevant career tech programs so that our graduates are fully prepared to enter the workforce or, if they plan for college, have the skills to work part-time while in school, so that student debt can be minimized.”

McCarty said the State Department of Education needs to improve communication with local schools and minimize inefficiencies to enhance effectiveness.  “The Department of Education should assist and serve our local schools so that they can focus on improving instruction and student learning, instead of completing voluminous and redundant reports,” she said.

Amsouth Bank Florida - Swift Address?

Does anyone know the Swift Address for Amsouth Bank in Florida - Routing Number 063104668 ?


This is for the Birmingham AL office and id the main SWIFT for this bank.