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Levels in View on Shares of Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (TSX:TZZ)

Active investors may be taking a second look at shares of Trez Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (TSX:TZZ). Checking in on some levels, the six month price index is currently at 1.07068. The six month price index is measured by dividing the current share price by the share price six months ago. A ratio above one indicates an increase in the stock price over the six month time frame. A ratio under one signals that the price has lowered over that same time frame.

Investors are always looking for any little advantage when trading the stock market. Scouring all the various data regarding publically traded companies can be overwhelming at times. Once the investor becomes familiar with the basics, they may be able to dive in deeper and focus on the essentials. Creating a winning strategy may not occur overnight. There may be times when even the best crafted plan does not play out as expected. Being flexible and having the proper tools in place can help the investor see the clearer picture when markets get muddy.

Founders Advantage Releases Q3 2017 Results; Revenue and ...

As previously reported, DLC acquired NCS in December 2016 and incurred costs and expenses in the first half of 2017 to restructure and integrate NCS.  We are pleased to report that NCS has already become a meaningful contributor for DLC and generated increased connectivity and other revenues for the quarter.  The increased NCS revenues resulted in DLC recognizing an additional $2.7 million in revenue during the three months ended September 30, 2017 when compared to the previous quarter.

Prior to the acquisition of NCS, DLC was not involved in the lender connectivity sector. NCS now provides DLC with the opportunity to vertically integrate lender connectivity with its network of mortgage brokers.  In addition to connectivity revenue, NCS also generates revenue from insurance referrals, NCS’s underwriting platform (Isaac), integrated payroll software (EZ Pay) and various other revenue streams.  NCS continues to create and build lender, broker and supplier workflows that complements management’s long-term strategy of connectivity and underwriting consumer, broker and business-to-business applications.

Intereste only mortgage for Corporation?

This question is for individuals who have corporations or are familiar with them or a mortgage broker. I would like look into an interest only mortgage that i can underwrite through my corporation.

This isn't going to be a popular answer, but its a smart one. If you're talking about investment properties(buying and selling properties for income), you really need to build up money to pay for those properties with cash.