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Ginnie Mae penalizes 9 lenders for targeting veterans

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government sent notices to nine lenders this week, warning them that they would be penalized for pressuring veterans into costly home loan refinancing.

The lenders were told they will be kicked out of Ginnie Mae’s mortgage program unless they prove they can correct their actions.

The notices are part of an effort between Ginnie Mae, formally known as the Government National Mortgage Association, and the Department of Veterans Affairs to stop predatory lenders from targeting veterans who use the VA home loan guarantee program.

The occurrence of rapidly and unnecessarily refinancing loans, known as “loan churning,” creates costly fees for veterans, lengthens their debt repayment and threatens the overall VA program, said Ginnie Mae Executive Vice President Michael Bright.

“We need to take these lenders who appear to be operating in a way that doesn’t make sense and put them into this penalty box,” he said.

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Intereste only mortgage for Corporation?

This question is for individuals who have corporations or are familiar with them or a mortgage broker. I would like look into an interest only mortgage that i can underwrite through my corporation.

This isn't going to be a popular answer, but its a smart one. If you're talking about investment properties(buying and selling properties for income), you really need to build up money to pay for those properties with cash.