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The Tale of a House, and an Entire Market
Home values in the Atlanta area fell more than 30 percent but have recovered somewhat. This house with a vaulted-ceiling family room on a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Smyrna followed a similar . (“What typically happened was people who had any home

Wells Fargo to sell servicing rights to $39 billion in home loans
Wells Fargo to sell servicing rights to $39 billion in home loans The sale of the servicing rights comes as new companies like Atlanta-based Ocwen, which focuses on collecting payments on residential and commercial mortgages, have driven up demand for these assets. The higher prices make it more attractive to sell 

Gundlach not buying the housing recovery
“The housing market is softer than people think,” Mr. Gundlach said, pointing to a slowdown in mortgage refinancing, shares of homebuilders that have dropped 13% since reaching a high in May, and the time it's taking to liquidate defaulted loans

Shift in home loan market causes jitters in South
Congress, in passing the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, included the Ability to Pay provision and a mandate for more thorough documentation of mortgage loans. » READ MORE: Mortgage lending standards put credit unions Beige Book reports for

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The Housing Slump Blues

Fannie Mae’s Economic and Strategic Research Group released a report in October 2018 on the near-term future of the housing market. In it, the mortgage purchaser expressed skepticism relative to housing-market growth, saying the organization has “become more pessimistic” in the possibility of robust home sales prospects heading into 2019. The analysis in the Fannie Mae report aligns well with our assessment, as rising interest rates and declining sentiment (from both consumers and lenders) will likely leave the housing market in a stable, yet somewhat stagnant state in 2019


During Q3 2017, we saw an uptick of new mortgage originations, partly in response to the prospect of rising interest rates in the near future. The year 2018 ushered in a period of slow growth for new loan originations, as refinance had run its course and the housing market was slow to take off. Since that time, the Equifax National Credit Trend Report has chronicled a persistent decline in new mortgage originations, making 2018 a generally disappointing year for housing-market growth overall.

As mortgage lenders see their profits squeezed, borrowers may benefit

Could lenders’ pain be your gain if you’re shopping for a home mortgage? Maybe.

Although it hasn’t been in the headlines, mortgage companies are having a challenging year. Not only have total originations of new loans declined as the refinance market shrinks because of rising interest rates, but many lenders also could be staring at red ink and staff layoffs. Michael Fratantoni, chief economist for the Mortgage Bankers Association, the industry’s largest trade group, says the typical lender in the United States may “not be profitable” when the books are closed on the first quarter of 2018. Inside Mortgage Finance, a trade publication, reports that originations “tanked” during the first three months of 2018, hitting their lowest level in three years.

Possibly as a result, competition for new home-purchase loan applications is on the upswing. One bellwether: LendingTree, the popular online marketplace where banks and mortgage companies compete for borrowers’ business, tells me that shoppers for home loans are receiving significantly more offers on average through its lender network compared with a year ago.

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