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CTX Mortgage - 5.30.03 Robbery

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Power to the people – it’s Simble

While the result of the upcoming election appears to be a foregone conclusion, you can be sure about one thing: the lead up will feature policies by both parties that are riddled with hollow promises and unimaginative strategies.

The nature of the policies is usually determined by how the parties are positioned in the home straight.

Are they that far off the pace even a Winx style finish isn’t going to get them over the line? Or are they that far in front that even the mighty Black Caviar couldn’t run them down.

With regards to areas of focus, it is already apparent that the issue of reliability and affordability of power supply will be up there as a priority.

Interestingly, there is an ASX listed group in Simble Solutions ( ASX:SIS ) that is poised to benefit from the inability of either major party to resolve this problem.

While we will look at the company in detail, first it is worthwhile examining political strategies in relation to addressing the issue of power supply and pricing, as these appear to be playing right into the hands of companies such as Simble.

Is CTX Mortgage / Centex Home Builders a good place to work as a loan officer?

Possibly looking to get back into the mortgage business but not 100% sure - does anyone have any input on this company?

This is not a good time in the mortgage broker business, but if they are offering you a job it should be OK. How long the job will last is another mattter.