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Mortgage Lenders Are Showing Some Give on Credit Scores
Credit scores are among the many things lenders review when you apply for a mortgage, because scores are designed to predict how likely you are to meet your debt obligations. After the mortgage crisis, lenders were hesitant to take on risky borrowers

Understanding the CFPB's New Mortgage Rules: Keeping You Safe from Tricky ...
Understanding the CFPB's New Mortgage Rules: Keeping You Safe from Tricky ... Those adjustable rate loans made the early monthly payments affordable, but when their interest rates reset higher, the resulting jump in borrowers' mortgage payments suddenly put their budgets on tilt. That's when many people began defaulting, setting

'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter
'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter The country's top three mortgage lenders confirmed this week that new home loans dropped last year as mortgage rates rose, with earnings results Wednesday from Bank of America showing a 46% year-over-year drop in the fourth quarter. Bank of America 

Silverstein Seeks $400 Million Office Loan
Quotes on mortgages of $350 million to $400 million are being considered. Even at the higher amount, the loan-to-value ratio would be less than 50%. That puts the assignment in the sweet spot for insurance companies, which compete aggressively for 

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Stearns Lending files Chapter 11 bankruptcy after mortgage interest rate increases

Those financiers, known as warehouse lenders, "began reducing advance rates, increasing required collateral accounts and increasing liquidity covenants, further contracting available working capital necessary to operate the business," Smith said. 

One of them cut off Stearns on June 28, and another signaled plans to do so on July 15.

Stearns feared that those actions could lead the company into liquidation.

Investment firm Blackstone owns 70% of Stearns, having acquired its stake in December 2015 from founder Glenn Stearns, who now owns 29%.

Blackstone and Stearns have been sparring in recent months with Pacific Investment Management Co., which owns 67% of the $183 million in senior secured notes owed by Stearns.

Smith said discussions with PIMCO failed to reach an agreement restructure the company without bankruptcy.

Blackstone is injecting $60 million in cash into Stearns and providing a loan to help the company navigate bankruptcy, which is intended to cash out the notes that have been weighing the company down.

Mortgage lenders?

I'm looking for a good Mortgage Lender for a new home purchase. Does anyone know of a good one? I've tried quicken loans and country wide. Lending tree sucks!


Try a local bank or mortgage broker. Working with local professionals will get you much better service than online companies.

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