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Mortgage Lenders Are Showing Some Give on Credit Scores
Credit scores are among the many things lenders review when you apply for a mortgage, because scores are designed to predict how likely you are to meet your debt obligations. After the mortgage crisis, lenders were hesitant to take on risky borrowers

Understanding the CFPB's New Mortgage Rules: Keeping You Safe from Tricky ...
Understanding the CFPB's New Mortgage Rules: Keeping You Safe from Tricky ... Those adjustable rate loans made the early monthly payments affordable, but when their interest rates reset higher, the resulting jump in borrowers' mortgage payments suddenly put their budgets on tilt. That's when many people began defaulting, setting

'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter
'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter The country's top three mortgage lenders confirmed this week that new home loans dropped last year as mortgage rates rose, with earnings results Wednesday from Bank of America showing a 46% year-over-year drop in the fourth quarter. Bank of America 

Silverstein Seeks $400 Million Office Loan
Quotes on mortgages of $350 million to $400 million are being considered. Even at the higher amount, the loan-to-value ratio would be less than 50%. That puts the assignment in the sweet spot for insurance companies, which compete aggressively for 

Reverse Mortgage , Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Reverse Mortgage | Reverse Mortgage Lenders www.reversemortgagelendersdire presents an overview video of the hecm reverse mortgage, you can ...

Millennials on the move offer smaller mortgage lenders big opportunity

Millennials have long been blamed for pushing transgenerational businesses to extinction. Even financial institutions with storied pasts have not emerged unscathed, forced to scramble to create app-based offerings, branded credit cards and zero-commitment products to suit changing preferences. Banking analysts have been quick to assign blame, pegging millennials as a dark cloud hanging over the industry.

Yet, not only was the forecasted doom and gloom massively overblown, but a unique opportunity has emerged from its shadow. If housing numbers tell the story, then the U.S. is on the brink of a massive millennial population shift that could bring tremendous growth to local, regional and community banks the likes of which haven't been seen in decades.

The most important thing to consider is that this generation still has a strong desire to chase the American dream, despite being hindered. In order to achieve what past generations have, they've got to do things differently. That means exiting large, expensive cities — and the banks that serve them — in favor of so-called secondary markets. And so far, some of the most appealing markets appear to be in Rust Belt cities that have rounded the corner for revitalization.

Lender with ties to Warren Buffett backs a loan for manufactured homes

Silverton is specifically offering a new form of housing financing Fannie Mae introduced in 2018 called MH Advantage. MH Advantage offers a lower rate to borrowers who buy approved manufactured-housing units that are titled as real property and have architectural features similar to traditional site-built homes. Fannie's rival, Freddie Mac, is testing a similar loan product.

Some mortgage lenders have been eager to offer this type of financing, but noted that providing it has been contingent on the production of qualifying housing units.

The manufactured housing sector has become more attractive to mortgage lenders because the supply of existing homes for sale generally has been falling short of demand, particularly in lower price tiers, and factory-built units can be quicker and cheaper to produce and install on properties than site-built homes.

Other mortgage lenders that have offered MH Advantage include American Financial Resources and Guild Mortgage.

While annual figures for manufactured housing units shipped remain far below their peak of 372,843 in 1998, they have climbed considerably from a post-crisis low near 49,789 in 2009, according to data analyzed by the Manufactured Housing Institute. The MHI used data that has been tracked since 1980 by the U.S. Census Bureau, the Commerce Department and the Institute for Building Technology and Safety in its analysis.

Mortgage lenders?

I'm looking for a good Mortgage Lender for a new home purchase. Does anyone know of a good one? I've tried quicken loans and country wide. Lending tree sucks!


Try a local bank or mortgage broker. Working with local professionals will get you much better service than online companies.

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