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Sun American Mortgage is a lender, seller and servicer of the government insured Reverse Mortgage. Over twenty years ago, we closed the first ...

Eye on the Industry: Updates on MCS, Genworth, First American ...

    Mortgage Contracting Services, LLC (MCS), a national provider of mortgage industry services based in Lewisville, Texas, is pleased to announce that three new executives have joined the company. Bringing their considerable expertise to MCS are Chief Information Officer Michael Housewright, SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer Marti Diaz, and SVP of Operations Danielle Laney. “The experience of Mr. Housewright, Ms. Diaz and Ms. Laney will be beneficial to the continued growth and expansion of our company,” said Caroline Reaves, MCS CEO. “Their exceptional talents and work history align with our company goals, and we welcome them to our team.” Housewright will work closely with senior management as the Chief Information Officer, where he will lead the information technology (IT) group of about 50 employees and manage strategic aspects of technology. Housewright is stepping into a familiar role, having held similar positions at Iron Mountain Inc. and Xerox Services. His experience involves the delivery of technology services to 200,000 customers in more than 40 countries, the acquisition of a competitor, and participation in the development of software solutions in support of customer initiatives.

Title insurance companies: What is title insurance, and is it required?

What is title insurance?

Title insurance companies cover you and/or your mortgage lender if you buy property that others make claims against. Issues can pop up even from the distant past or the future, for example:

Your seller purchased the property after an illegal foreclosure sale (not uncommon during the Great Recession) A long-lost relative who owned part of the home 30 years ago turns up and sues because he never OKed the sale A builder did some work for the seller and did not get paid. After the sale, he sues and liens your home

Liens can prevent you from refinancing or selling (unless you pay up). Owners with legitimate claims can cause you to lose the home altogether. That's what title insurance covers.

Verify your new rate (Apr 23rd, 2018) Right to use your property

Other issues besides ownership can interfere with your enjoyment and use of the home and can affect its value. Here are a few examples:

Right of way — A stranger could have a right