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Taking Mortgage Questions on Canada AM - - RateSupermarket.cas founder, Kelvin Mangaroo, was on CTVs Canada AM this morning along with Roberts Group mortgage broker ...

Maternity leave nearly prevented this couple from taking out a mortgage: Here’s what you need to know about leaves and lenders

Why maternity leave could cause mortgage approval issues

Jane’s story raises a key question: how does maternity leave impact the mortgage approval process?

When you apply for a home loan, lenders consider two important factors to determine if you qualify for a mortgage : the likelihood that you’ll pay your loan as agreed (aka creditworthiness) and your ability to pay (aka capacity). While creditworthiness is determined based on your credit scores, capacity is largely measured by your income and job status.

If your credit is great and your income is sufficient to qualify for the loan, there’s one more catch. A lender isn’t going to take your word for it when it comes to where you work and how much money you earn. For most types of loans, your employment status and income must be verified by your employer.

Casey Fleming, a Silicon Valley-based mortgage advisor and author of “The Loan Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Mortgage,” says that “being on maternity leave can create issues” during the mortgage process, “but it doesn’t have to.

Patti Frank Of GuardHill Financial Corporation Deep Dives The Mortgage Process. Part One.

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What can a mortgage company do if I am supposed to be living in a home and I decide to rent it out?

I am buying a home and its with an FHA loan. The monthly payments will be easy for me to pay but I think I can rent it out for way more then the mortgage payments. So I am thinking about renting it but under FHA loans its supposed to be owner occupied.

They will call the loan due. Possibly file fraud charges.

The IRS will inform them that you do not reside there, that another tax payer is.

The IRS is going to be looking for their income tax too.

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