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A troubled home is sold on the North Side
A troubled home is sold on the North Side The surrounding Jordan community hosts more vacant homes than any other neighborhood in Minneapolis, and here a vacant home typically means an investor is its only way out. Even as the housing It was auctioned off to the lender for $80,000, who

U.S. Bank looking forward to '14
U.S. Bank looking forward to '14 The bank's utilization rate on credit lines remains historically low. The Minneapolis-based lender, fighting to offset a steep decline in mortgage banking activity, grew profits 2.5 percent in the fourth quarter to $1.46 billion, or 76 cents a share

Real estate market sees recovery, Edina Realty reports
For the 14th year running, Edina Realty reported it led the market in both traditional home sales and lender-mediated sales with 20 percent market share in the 13-county Twin City metro area. Last year, Edina Realty handled more than 35,000 pending

Quicken Loans, Warren Buffett team up to offer $1 billion for perfect college ...
Quicken Loans, Warren Buffett team up to offer $1 billion for perfect college ... The Detroit-based mortgage lender says any qualified entrant who correctly predicts the winners of every game in the tournament will be paid in 40 annual installments of $25 million. A winner also can elect to receive an immediate $500 million lump-sum 

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Twin Cities Metro Among Best For First-Time Homebuyers

TWIN CITIES, MN — Here's some good news for all the millennials out there: The Twin Cities metro area has been named one of the best in America for first-time homebuyers. The personal finance site Bankrate ranked the nation's 50 largest metro areas Tuesday. The rankings were based on 13 measures related to affordability, culture, job market, market tightness and safety.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul area ranked 8th overall , just ahead of Kansas City, Missouri and behind Buffalo, New York.

Here's how we ranked in each category:

Affordability: 13 Culture: 34 Job market: 4 Market tightness: 45 Safety: 11

Bankrate said those thinking of buying their first home ought to skip the West Coast and Rocky Mountains . Instead, consider heading to Pittsburgh. The Steel City ranked No. 1 overall for first-time homebuyers buoyed by top rankings in both affordability and safety.

Lender wins foreclosure judgment against Clifton Market

CINCINNATI — Its largest lender won a foreclosure judgment against Clifton Market last week, but prospective owner Gurmukh Singh remains hopeful he can broker a deal to keep the store alive permanently.

“Nothing is slowing us down,” Singh said. “We’re working hard to bring the store back to where it needs to be.”

Singh has been operating Clifton Market under a management contract since Nov. 15, when he agreed to buy the beloved-but-beleaguered grocery store from a neighborhood cooperative. He offered to pay $1.8 million, but three lenders are owed more than $3.1 million.

Hamilton County Magistrate Anita Berding granted one of those lenders, National Cooperative Bank, a motion for summary judgment on its foreclosure claim on Thursday, March 14. It’s the first step in forcing a sale of the property at a sheriff’s auction.

“The co-op owns the real estate until it’s sold at auction,” said Eric Goering, attorney for Clifton Cooperative Market. “It will still take them several months to get through the court system and sell the property. During that time period … it can continue to proceed with Mr. Singh as the manager of the property.”

I want to know where to get a list of reverse mortgage lender in Minneapolis area with address, name, phone et

Hello Frankie,

Here's where you want to . This is the website for the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA).

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