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Here's how a dodgy network of commercial mortgage brokers may cost Morgan Management their multifamily empire

The fraud allegations facing the inside operations at Morgan Management range from simple — They once allegedly turned on radios in empty apartments to make they seem occupied — to serious: "Morgan Management hired a new management firm named Grand Atlas Property Management to run the portfolio. But creditors weren’t happy, according to people familiar with the matter, because Grand Atlas had offices at the same address and was owned by former Morgan employees, although none of them were family members."

Earlier this year, according to the U.S Attorney’s Office, Patrick Ogiony conspired with others to defraud financial institutions including  Evans Bank UBS Securities M&T Bank, Arbor Commercial Mortgage SteepRock Capital , and  Berkadia Commercial Mortgage  by providing false information about apartment communities in several states that were owned by Morgan Management.

American Advisors Group ups reverse mortgage support for brokers

AAG is ranked No. 1 in reverse mortgage lending overall with 30% of the market’s share, according to the most recent data from Reverse Market Insight , but it’s No. 4 in wholesale business.

It seems the lender’s enhanced commitment to its wholesale partners is designed to help it climb the ranks.

Now, brokers who work with AAG have access to sales team development training; a compliance review of marketing content; customizable marketing materials; fixed- and variable-rate proprietary reverse mortgage products; and lender support and expert processing teams.

“This year, AAG made significant changes to our operations division to ensure that our wholesale partners receive the highest level of service support possible, including faster and easier loan processing,” said Joe Stephenson, AAG’s SVP of Operations.

AAG’s executive VP of Alternative Distribution, Jesse Allen, also stressed the lender’s renewed investment in its wholesale channel.

Do you know any mortgage advisors in London?

I am thinking of buying a flat in London. However, this is the first time I am dealing with this topic and I do not know much about it. I need to find out how much I can borrow.

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