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The GFC: When will it end?

While the Lehman Bros collapse in September 2008 marks the acme of the global financial crisis, the train started running off the rails more than a year earlier – around this time a decade ago.

In the space of a few weeks, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s finally put securities backed by American sub-prime mortgage loans on credit watch, mortgage giant Country Wide warned of trading difficulties and Bear Stearns – which ultimately had to be bought out in a rescue deal in March 2008 – liquidated two hedge funds with heavy exposures to junk loans.

There’s been plenty of anniversary commentary on the crisis – and there’ll be a lot more - but the critical misconception is the crisis is an event of the past. The crisis is still going. And it has spread beyond the financial system.

Certainly, the aftershocks of this seismic event continue to jolt the financial system a decade later: Italy has just bailed out two banks. Canada and Spain have also had to euthanise some institutions which had effectively been on life support.

Less Than Two Years After Opening, ACME To Close Newark Supermarket This Month

After just over a year and a half in business, one of Newark’s largest supermarkets will soon be closing its doors.

ACME Markets has announced plans to shut its sole location in the city, which is within the Ferry Plaza at 281-295 Ferry Street in the Ironbound neighborhood. Signs have been posted at the supermarket advertising sales on many items.

ACME Communications and Government Relations Manager Danielle D’Elia tells Jersey Digs that “closing a store is always a tough decision, but we are focused on growing our business and reinvesting those resources into our new stores, including two new locations in Philadelphia that we are planning to open in the coming months, along with other sites we are aggressively exploring and hope to announce soon.”

According to D’Elia, there are “no immediate plans to close any other locations” in Northern New Jersey. The Newark store will close by June 16th.

Previously, the space was occupied by a Pathmark supermarket, but it closed in 2015 following the bankruptcy of the company’s parent corporation, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. At the time, ACME, which had dozens of stores in the region decades before, made its first major expansion into Northern New Jersey in recent years, opening supermarkets in former A&P and Pathmark spaces in communities like Hoboken, Montclair, and West New York.

mortgage--Who owns it? Please help.?

I bought my home and got financing through a mortgage company (lets call it ACME Mortgage). I make my payments to US Bank, as they aquired the loan. My loan is a Fannie Mae Loan on top of that. I have a single payment to US Bank.

1. Most likely, US Bank "owns" the note but they could also be just the one "servicing" the mortgage for some investment house who owns a "security instrument" into which your mortgage was bundled.