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'Women build' creates two Habitat houses in Covington for two women

St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity celebrated a year's worth of women, wives, and mothers with the dedication of two St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity Women Build homes for two women in Covington recently.

Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity program that encourages women to volunteer and make home ownership a reality. Construction on the two homes began in October 2016. On May 24, the two homes were dedicated and keys, a Bible, and a hammer were given to the new homeowners.

Homeowners, who must be gainfully employed, purchase the Habitat houses on a 30 year, 0 percent interest mortgage only after working 300 sweat-equity hours on the project and attending classes about finance, budgeting, and home maintenance.

The Carly McHugh family and the Antoinette McGee family happily entered their new homes.

Antoinette McGee is a library assistant at the Madisonville Library. The McGee family consists of Antoinette's mother, Antoinette, and her four children, Dakota, Ericka, Jada and Makayla. The family has been living in a 3-bedroom apartment. Her rent and utilities alone are 52 percent of her income.

mortgage--Who owns it? Please help.?

I bought my home and got financing through a mortgage company (lets call it ACME Mortgage). I make my payments to US Bank, as they aquired the loan. My loan is a Fannie Mae Loan on top of that. I have a single payment to US Bank.

1. Most likely, US Bank "owns" the note but they could also be just the one "servicing" the mortgage for some investment house who owns a "security instrument" into which your mortgage was bundled.