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Input Capital Corp. Completes Second Credit Agreement for Mortgage Stream Financing

, President & CEO of Input, said: "This facility expands our ability to fund mortgages and furthers the establishment of a template for the kinds of mortgage financing facilities we seek to complete with our existing banks and/or other financial institutions. We will continue to grow the amount of capital available to fund our mortgage stream business by expanding and/or replicating our two mortgages facilities many times over."

About Input

Input is an agriculture commodity streaming company with a focus on canola, the largest and most profitable crop in Canadian agriculture. The Company has developed several flexible and competitive forms of financing which help western Canadian canola farmers solve working capital, mortgage finance and canola marketing challenges and improve the financial position of their farms. Under a streaming contract, Input provides capital in exchange for a stream of canola via multi-year fixed-volume canola purchase contracts. To a farmer, Input is like a virtual grain company, buying canola and providing financial solutions. To canola buyers, Input is like a large virtual farm which produces and sells canola over a large geographically diverse footprint, but does not own the land, or equipment or operate the farm. In production terms, Input is the largest canola farm in the world.


Notice Regarding Settlement with U.S. Department of Justice

Tokyo, October 17, 2018— Nomura Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) announces today that its subsidiaries Nomura Holding America, Inc.,

The Company estimates that the settlement will incur approximately JPY20 billion negative

Is acceptance capital a good place to work?

Does anyone know what the success rate/turnover rate/and conditions of working as a mortgage loan originator for acceptance capital in Washington are?

No need to ask the same question more than once.