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Acceptance Capital Secures New Lender/Investor Relationship

“We have dealt with FirstFunding on a non-delegated basis for many years,” noted Allen Ringer, CEO of CFSI. “This new delegated relationship offers ACMC the ability to underwrite and fund loans originated by its branch network and to maximize the profitability from that part of the transaction. Because of this new warehouse vehicle, the increase in revenue per transaction could be meaningful, and will allow us to remain competitive in terms of fees charged to borrowers.” Mr. Ringer continued, “The ability to compete on fees offers our retail branches another valuable tool to grow loan production volumes.”

About CFSI

Complete Financial Solutions Inc. is an emerging financial services company. Through its subsidiary companies, CFSI offers mortgage origination and processing services in 26 states. Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (“ACMC”) is a HUD-approved lender allowing ACMC to both bank and broker FHA loans. ACMC offers a spectrum of mortgage products through a variety of correspondent and broker relationships. For more information, visit our website at

Roundtable: Midscale hotels surge back into the spotlight

The Midscale DNA

Part of what excites developers about a midscale hotel boom is the comparatively smaller footprint many of these properties require. Mitesh Patel, president of Paragon Hotel Company, said all that is needed to develop a 42,000-square-foot, 95-room midscale hotel is 1.5 acres of land. To put it succinctly, that’s a bullseye many hoteliers and developers are aiming for.

“From an operational perspective, when you’re managing and owning these types of assets, you’re seeing very high departmental percentage profits leading into net operating incomes probably in the 30th percentile,” Patel said. “That midscale perspective, at this moment, looks like a sweet spot.”

Midscale hotels also come packaged without many of the frills found in upscale properties. Alex Gallafent, design director at design and consulting firm IDEO, which was instrumental in the Avid brand’s development, said the goal in the midscale category is to simplify guestroom design as a means to maintain quality over time, at the price point these hotels operate at.

Is acceptance capital a good place to work?

Does anyone know what the success rate/turnover rate/and conditions of working as a mortgage loan originator for acceptance capital in Washington are?

No need to ask the same question more than once.