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CFSI Announces Results for Fiscal Year 2015

Quarter of 2015. We are pleased that our principal subsidiary, Acceptance Capital Mortgage Company, had income from operations of $497,741.”

Mr. Ringer added, “We made decisions during 2015 to recognize impairment in the value of certain subsidiaries and a loss from a previous investment. These decisions resulted in an unusually large net loss of $4,284,530 for 2015, compared to a net loss of $175,939 during 2014. These are non-operating, one-time adjustments that will not affect operations on a going forward basis.”

About CFSI

Complete Financial Solutions Inc. is an emerging financial services company. Through its subsidiary companies, CFSI offers mortgage origination and processing services in 25 states. Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (“ACMC”) is a HUD-approved lender allowing ACMC to both bank and broker FHA loans. ACMC offers a spectrum of mortgage products through a variety of correspondent and broker relationships. For more information, visit our website at .

Is acceptance capital a good place to work?

Does anyone know what the success rate/turnover rate/and conditions of working as a mortgage loan originator for acceptance capital in Washington are?

No need to ask the same question more than once.