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Ireland's PTSB says mortgage lending surges, lays out bad loan plan

DUBLIN, July 26 (Reuters) - Ireland's permanent tsb (PTSB) said mortgage lending surged 62 percent in the first six months of 2017, as it laid out plans to shrink its stock of non-performing loans by around two-thirds.

Under pressure from regulators, PTSB said on Wednesday it would tackle the 47 percent of non-performing borrowers without a payment plan by offering a range of strategies, including accelerated workout, closures and portfolio sales, rather than forbearance - the temporary postponement of payments.

Those plans are intended to cut the bank's NPL ratio to a high single digit number over the medium term from what it said was an "unsustainably high" 28 percent of its loan book at the end of June.

"We have a high NPL ratio of 28 percent 10 years after the financial crisis. We now need to think about how we shrink that ratio down because in the long term it is not a signal of a bank's strength," Chief Executive Jeremy Masding said in a statement.

National Lender First Cal Cuts Loan Process to Just 15 Days With ...

“For many people, getting a mortgage has remained a drawn-out process, sometimes lasting nearly two months – despite all the buzz around so-called ‘15 minute mortgages,’” said Joe McKone, Executive Vice President, First Cal. “We think we have the best technology infrastructure in the business which, combined with our customer-oriented culture that holds the home buyer’s hand all the way, allows us to get consumers in their new homes faster than ever.”

First Cal’s Roostify-enabled solution allows consumers to apply for a mortgage, submit their documentation, follow along with the loan progress and communicate with their loan officer, all from the web. Likewise, loan officers can request and review documents, run digital verification and view the loan’s status from anywhere with an Internet connection, cutting down on time-consuming manual processes for both loan officer and consumer.

does anyone know how a accelerated home loan mortgage work?

Instead of making a payment monthly, some plans will set it up to pull 1/2 of your payment every other week.