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Second Hand Smoke—Tenant Did Not Commit Nuisance by Smoking in the Apartment—Neither House Rules Nor Lease Barred Smoking in the Apartment and There Was No Evidence That Tenant Smoked in the Common Areas—Landlord Failed to Prove That Second Hand Smoke Flowed Through Gaps in “Baseboards, Floors and the Front Door Into the Adjacent Apartment”—Neighbors May Have Remedy Under “Warranty of Habitability” Statute

A landlord had served a predicate notice which stated that a tenant had violated §2524.3(b) of the Rent Stabilization Code (Code), by committing or permitting a nuisance in their apartment. The notice further stated that the landlord reasonably believed that the tenant permitted “excessive cigarette smoke [to] flow through gaps in and around the base boards, floors, closets, wall sockets, and front door of the premises” and into an adjacent apartment.

Should You Pay Down the Mortgage or Invest?

But what if you have no other debt and your alternative to mortgage paydown is to invest in something? Because prepaying your mortgage is guaranteed to earn you whatever your mortgage rate is, less the amount of any tax breaks you're receiving, only guaranteed investments count for an apples-to-apples comparison with mortgage paydown.

And here's where things are starting to get interesting. Until recently, guaranteed investment returns were no match for most mortgage rates, but rates have been trending up to the point that they're close to the rates on ultracheap mortgage rates. Most mortgages--even 15-year mortgages, which typically have lower rates than the 30-year ones-- are still higher than FDIC-insured investment types that offer daily liquidity, such as online savings accounts. But savings instruments that require you to lock up your money a little longer, such as three-year CDs, are now within spitting distance of mortgages that were taken out when the economy was still clawing its way back. For example, the average mortgage rate for 30-year mortgages was 3.4% in early 2013, whereas three-year CD yields are getting close to 3%. If the return on guaranteed securities eclipses your mortgage rate, that's a good reason to pull back on mortgage paydown versus investing. But most investors/mortgageholders aren't there yet.

does anyone know how a accelerated home loan mortgage work?

Instead of making a payment monthly, some plans will set it up to pull 1/2 of your payment every other week.