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IQPC Australia: Mortgage Processing 2009 Video Highlights

Video Highlights from IQPC Australia's Fifth Annual Mortgage Processing - February 2009. Operating efficiency and customer service delivery ...

Florius revamps mortgage process with Avaya Research

Avaya and Dimension Data, an Avaya channel partner and system integrator, worked closely with Florius to create an outstanding, online, omAnichannel customer experience that would set the company far ahead of the competition.

The 70-year old company continually seeks to improve its customer experience, and the ability for its 185 employees to enhance interactions with customers. With a commitment to speed-up the review of mortgage applications, Florius needed to update its contact center operation to increase flexibility, support for multi-channel interactions, and provide a more holistic view of the customer’s journey. Going digital was top of mind, but Florius wasn’t just looking to simply implement ‘cool’ technologies. Rather, the business goal was a better customer experience that was first and foremost, personalized and omnichannel, supported by digital capabilities.

“The customer journey is very important to us,” said Seif Alhamrany, head of the Advisory Team at Florius. “We are committed to a fast turnaround for mortgage applications, so we need to put the customer in the center, have fast access to as much information as possible, and automate processes as much as possible.

World's Best Bank Awards 2018: Western Europe

Among banks in Western Europe and Nordic countries, Netherlands-based ING leads the way. In combining a customer-centric approach with well-thought-out applications of new technologies, it achieves outcomes that benefit both customers and shareholders. Add to that the concrete steps it has taken to promote a more sustainable, low-carbon economy, and ING again deserves distinction as our regional winner.

“Innovation is changing banking at lightning speed,” says CEO Ralph Hamers; and ING has embraced such changes as blockchain, with its potential to make banking simpler, safer, faster and more competitively priced. “Blockchain is a priority for ING, [which has been] creating blockchain code that’s nearly 10 times more efficient in ensuring privacy, and using blockchain to create digital platforms for agricultural and energy commodity trades—the latter through a venture with other partners.”

Hamers sees combining in-house innovation with strategic partnerships as the best way to improve customer experience. In the Netherlands, the bank launched a digital tool for small-business customers that links receipts and bills directly to transactions, giving customers one platform for their administration and banking. Another partnership was cemented by ING’s new 75% stake in Payvision, a leading payments-service provider.

What percentage of Mortgages does CitiMortgage sell?

My mortgage has been sold to CitiMortgage, along with basically all of ABN Amro's mortgage business.

I have had mortgages with ABN Amro for the past decade, I liked their service, and they never sold my mortgage.

CitiMortgage, like Country Wide disclose 0% - 25% turnover. Here's the kicker. If they sell your loan you will probably not even know as both Citi and CWBC are two of the biggest "Servicers" in the country. 99.