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Arizona residential mortgage brokers: potential additional liability exposure ...
Author page ». Arizona Senate Bill 1026, introduced by Senator Ableser, proposes some significant changes to the law governing Arizona's residential mortgage brokers that could expand their potential liability arising out of their day-to-day business

Half Percent Home Loans Available in AZ, NV, NM, TX and UT via FMC
ONTARIO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lower-income borrowers in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah can now buy a home for just one-half percent down payment thanks to First Mortgage Corporation (FMC). The direct mortgage lender has 

Bankruptcy May Not Be Best Option for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders
for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders. Filing within the Section 362 of the bankruptcy might not always be the best strategy for a mortgage lender. Many times in cases of mortgage lenders, bankruptcies can end in lieu of a short sale. Short sales can

New mortgage regulations make it tougher to secure a home loan.
Randy Hotchkiss of the Southern Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association says before the real estate bubble burst it was pretty easy for people to get a loan for a home they couldn't really afford. "The put very little down, zero equity, the value now has

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CFPB pushes Zillow to settle on RESPA violations

In April 2017, Zillow received a Civil Investigative Demand from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that requested information related to its March 2017 response to the CFPB’s February 2017 Notice and Opportunity to Respond and Advise (NORA) letter.

The letter stated that the bureau’s Office of Enforcement was considering whether to recommend that the CFPB take legal action against Zillow, alleging that it violated Section 8 of the RESPA and Section 1036 of CFPA.

Zillow added that the notice stemmed from an inquiry that commenced in 2015 when it received and responded to an initial Civil Investigative Demand from the CFPB.

Since a lot is still unknown in the case, Zillow cautioned that should the CFPB commence an action against it, the bureau may seek restitution, disgorgement, civil monetary penalties, injunctive relief or other corrective action.

“We cannot provide assurance that the CFPB will not commence a legal action against us in this matter, nor are we able to predict the likely outcome of any such action,” stated Zillow.

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I believe HomeBanc does business in all 50 states, and you can apply on line.

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HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation, an Atlanta-based firm that traces its ancestry to a bank chartered in 1929.