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Arizona residential mortgage brokers: potential additional liability exposure ...
Author page ». Arizona Senate Bill 1026, introduced by Senator Ableser, proposes some significant changes to the law governing Arizona's residential mortgage brokers that could expand their potential liability arising out of their day-to-day business

Half Percent Home Loans Available in AZ, NV, NM, TX and UT via FMC
ONTARIO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lower-income borrowers in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah can now buy a home for just one-half percent down payment thanks to First Mortgage Corporation (FMC). The direct mortgage lender has 

Bankruptcy May Not Be Best Option for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders
for Unsecured Mortgage Lenders. Filing within the Section 362 of the bankruptcy might not always be the best strategy for a mortgage lender. Many times in cases of mortgage lenders, bankruptcies can end in lieu of a short sale. Short sales can

New mortgage regulations make it tougher to secure a home loan.
Randy Hotchkiss of the Southern Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association says before the real estate bubble burst it was pretty easy for people to get a loan for a home they couldn't really afford. "The put very little down, zero equity, the value now has

Hard money mortgage lenders Arizona Hard money mortgage lenders Arizona investor loans, house finance credit financial commercial lenders for and investment ...

2017 Arizona Legislative Amendments Affecting Commerical Real Estate and Lending

The following information accompanies a presentation Mike gave to members of the Arizona Commercial Mortgage Lenders Association (ACMLA) on September 12, 2017.

HB 2213 – GPLET Leases

Arizona’s GPLET statute (enacted in 1996 as an economic development tool) in general allows a city, town, county or county stadium district (called a “Government Lessor”) to acquire title to land and improvements in a redevelopment area and/or a central business district of a city or town. The land and improvements are exempt from property taxes while the Government Lessor owns them, and the Government Lessor then leases them back to the developer (called a “Prime Lessee”), which then pays a significantly reduced “Government Property Lease Excise Tax” instead of paying ad valorem real property taxes. The property would typically qualify for an eight-year tax abatement, followed by a reduced or abated tax obligation (which could extend up to a total 25 years under pre-HB 2213 law). Many of the high-rise buildings in downtown Phoenix (including the one in which my office is located) are or have been GPLET lease projects. (Tempe is the next largest user of GPLET leases.

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union Launches Mortgage Cadence's Loan Fulfillment Center to Transform Home ...

With the deployment of the Mortgage Cadence product suite, Desert Schools — the largest credit union in Arizona and a top 25 mortgage-producing credit union in the United States — is now creating an unprecedented experience for its customer base of more than 300,000 members.

“After considering various options, we found that Mortgage Cadence’s technology offered the most streamlined functionality, enabling us to quickly implement an end-to-end solution to support mortgage originations from application to closing without ever leaving the system,” said Gary Sneed, Desert Schools’ chief lending officer. “Mortgage Cadence helps us further our commitment to our members by providing a quick, easy-to-use borrower portal that allows for product comparisons and ongoing member education. Thanks to the close collaboration of our teams, we were able to go live on the system swiftly and capitalize on the benefits this functionality brings to our digital mortgage strategy.”

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