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'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter
'Worst of all worlds' for mortgage lending in fourth quarter The country's top three mortgage lenders confirmed this week that new home loans dropped last year as mortgage rates rose, with earnings results Wednesday from Bank of America showing a 46% year-over-year drop in the fourth quarter. Bank of America 

New mortgage rules are mixed blessing for borrowers
New mortgage rules are mixed blessing for borrowers While the quality of new loans will improve, resulting in fewer foreclosures, many potential borrowers will be left out in the cold, unable to qualify for a mortgage in the foreseeable future. That group We've created a safer world for Americans to

Daily Mortgage Rates Summary at Bank of America (1/22/2014)
Daily Mortgage Rates Summary at Bank of America 1-22-2014 This Wednesday, Bank of America pushed lending rates to a somewhat lower level. Though the benchmark 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates remained unchanged at the Charlotte based 

Mortgage Interest Rates at Bank of America on January 20, 2014
Mortgage Interest Rates at Bank of America on January 20, 2014 Grabbing a better seat this Monday, the standard, long term, 30 year fixed rate mortgage home loans are being advertised at an interest rate of 4.500% and are carrying an annual percentage rate of 4.588%. Alternatively, for borrowers who find 30 years

Why Do Mortgage Lenders Hate America?

Caveat Emptor! "This mortgage crisis will go down in history as more financially significant than Wall Street's "Black Monday&quot ...

Zillow Group Revenue Rises 51%

Zillow is also enjoying strong demand for its mortgage services. The company's first-quarter mortgages segment revenue leapt 44% to $27.4 million, boosted by its acquisition of a mortgage origination business. "Last month, we rebranded the recently acquired Mortgage Lenders of America as Zillow Home Loans," Barton said. "We've been focused on integrating this loan origination business into our operations while building out a digital mortgage technology platform."

Premier agent revenue, however, increased only 2%, to $217.7 million. Zillow said that its real estate agent advertising marketplace is "stabilizing" as the company progresses with its plan to shift from a lead-based format to a transaction-based model. Zillow also said that agent churn -- the percentage of customers canceling -- is "returning to historical levels." "Consumer data that we monitor indicates that transactions and conversion are increasing, and agent feedback about the recent changes has been positive," Barton said.

Zillow going all-in on mortgage lending

What Zillow is clearly doing is positioning themselves for the evolving state of real estate transactions and financing. It’s a fine line they’re walking, as their strategy of controlling more of the point of sale of both real estate transactions and real estate financing flies in the face of the profitable Premier Agent, Mortgage Marketplace and Zillow Rentals services that produces the vast majority of their current revenue. Even before Zillow Offers and Zillow Home Loans, an inherent tension existed between Zillow and many of the real estate agents and mortgage loan originators that provide that revenue. But as they say in hockey, Zillow is skating to where the puck is going, not where it’s at currently.

Zillow goes out of their way to lay out the risks of this inherent challenge in the recent 10-K filing in the “Risks Related to Our Business and Industry” portion of the report. Within that section, they lay out their current reliance on advertising income and the pressures to that model from competitors, emerging technology, and its reliance on maintaining relationships with real estate brokerages, real estate listing aggregators and multiple listing services.

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My husband and I are a young military couple looking to buy our first house. We can't be approved for a mortgage loan through our bank because my husband has only been in the Navy for 1 year (they require 2 years in the same field).

Have never heard of them. You can call the Better Business Burea if you care to. One thing to understand is. They may do the loan, but normally your loan will be Sold. Not many companies hold their own mortgages.

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