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. Also Office Space or Commercial units for lease. Most of the properties that Goldcrest Property Management Group, Inc are Legaspi Towers 300 ...

Goliath Provides Corporate Update

The main points of the Amendments are as follows:

The cash payment of $405,000 that was due to the J2 Syndicate on November 1, 2018 has been postponed to March 30, 2020, and remains optional until such time; The optional cash payments that are to be paid to the J2 Syndicate on April 1, 2019, 2020 and 2021 in order to maintain Goliath’s rights under the Options will be postponed by 24 months to March 30, 2021, 2022 and 2023, respectively; The exploration expenses that Goliath must incur each year to maintain its rights under the Options will remain the same, save and except that Goliath will now have to incur total exploration expenditures in 2019 of at least $1,200,000 instead of the amounts that were stipulated before; and Earning exclusive right of first refusals (ROFRs) on each of the DSM Syndicate’s Gold Star (see description news – Oct 30 2018 ) and Gold Crest (see description news – Feb 5, 2018 ) properties.

Karachians title bid journey starts from Pakistan

Dubai: Karachians, one of the new franchise teams that will play in the second edition of the T10 League, unveiled their team jersey in Karachi, the city after which the team is named.

Muhammad Imran Amin, the owner of the team, felt that the journey towards the title should begin from Karachi and organised a colourful ceremony.

This city had produced great cricketers like Javed Miandad and Mohsin Khan. The team owners ensured the launch of jersey is done by Mohsin who has played many roles after his playing days as selector, manager, coach and is currently the head of Pakistan Cricket Board’s cricket committee.

The jersey launch was attended by Pakistani cricketers Shoeb Muhammad, Fawad Allam, Khurram Manzoor and celebrities such as Rana Majid, Agha Shiraz, Anmol Baloch, Suzain Fatima, Aruba Mirza, Komal Aziz, Shameem Khan and Umair Jaswal.

Mohsin, after launching the jersey, wished the team all success.

Addressing the gathering, Amin said: “The huge celebrity endorsement and the presence of legendary Pakistan national team cricketers provide a huge boost to the Karachians team and will go a long way in inspiring our team and the budding cricketers from Karachi. Although the city of Karachi has produced a large number of cricketers who became world famous such as Javed Miandad and Mohsin Khan, we never had a great exposure in the cricketing world. The Karachians is determined to change that and we are going to put up a strong challenge to win the T10 League title this year.”