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First Mortgage Company & DEEB Realty Support The Shelter Fund

The Shelter Fund is a non-profit organization in Omaha, NE dedicated to fundraising for local homeless shelters. All donations are distributed to ...

Tremont Mortgage Trust Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2018 Results

Our primary business strategy is to deploy capital principally as investments in first mortgage loans secured by middle market and transitional commercial real estate and to return cash to our shareholders by paying a quarterly distribution. We closed three loans totaling $66.3 million during the fourth quarter of 2018 and we closed two additional loans totaling $47.5 million since year end, increasing our total loan commitments to $202.2 million. Also, in January 2019 we declared our first distribution of $0.11 per common share, and we expect to declare a distribution of between $0.20 and $0.24 per common share in the second quarter of 2019. Our origination activity remains robust, with our manager having committed to us $25.0 million of additional capital. We believe, with leverage, that this additional capital will support approximately $100.0 million of additional loan originations. We remain confident in our business model and long term prospects.

$750K Grant Helps Fund First Phase of Odyssey House Louisiana's Renovation

The grant was awarded to Odyssey House Louisiana (OHL), provider of addiction recovery programs and treatment in the state of Louisiana. OHL serves more than 900 low-income, formerly homeless and at-risk individuals each month.

The AHP grant will be used for gap funding and rehabilitation costs for OHL’s facilities. Specifically, the funds will go toward redeveloping three underutilized and structurally unstable historic buildings, that have fallen into disrepair and failed to meet current building codes and standards for safety and care. These buildings will offer housing for OHL clients to reside during their addiction treatment programs. The OHL historic campus, known as the Tonti campus, will be renovated in phases, so there is no interruption to addiction treatment services or need for displacing residents.

Besides physical improvements to the more than 150-year-old campus, upgrades will bring OHL facilities up to code, render the facility compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ensure that OHL is meeting state and federal licensing standards.

I have a 2nd Mortgage with a high interest. Should I pay off my 2nd Mortgage first or fund my roth ira?

My interest rate is 9%. So everyone is in agreement that I should pay my 2nd mortgage down before investing in the Roth? Would it still be a good idea even though I can do a tax deduction for my 2nd mortgage.

I think it sort of depends. I have a $40,000 2nd morgage that was adjustable at 8.75%. This interest rate has been rising over the last year or so and may be continue to rise. The question that I asked is whether I can make 8.