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The State of FHA's Mortgage Insurance Fund

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) released its 2018 Annual Report to Congress on Thursday. The report, which highlights the economic condition of the agency's Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund (MMI Fund) indicated that the fund had a total economic net worth of $34.8 billion, an increase of $8 billion over the previous year, and a capital reserve ratio that remained above the statutory minimum of 2 percent for the fourth straight year.

The report said that its economic net worth comprised of total capital resources of $49.24 billion and a negative cash flow net present value (NPV) of -$14.38 billion.

"The financial health of FHA’s single-family insurance fund is sound," said U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. "FHA is in good hands, guarding against excessive risks, protecting the American taxpayer, and remaining true to our core mission to facilitate safe and affordable mortgage options for qualified borrowers.

I have a 2nd Mortgage with a high interest. Should I pay off my 2nd Mortgage first or fund my roth ira?

My interest rate is 9%. So everyone is in agreement that I should pay my 2nd mortgage down before investing in the Roth? Would it still be a good idea even though I can do a tax deduction for my 2nd mortgage.

I think it sort of depends. I have a $40,000 2nd morgage that was adjustable at 8.75%. This interest rate has been rising over the last year or so and may be continue to rise. The question that I asked is whether I can make 8.