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6 months after unemployment aid cutoff, job-seekers report tough market
Just before Christmas, he took a job working about 25 hours a week as an appliance sales associate at the Home Depot store on Wendover Road. He said he went from earning “almost six figures” to making little more than minimum wage. He likely wouldn't 

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Wear this to feel dominant during business negotiations

In the study, researchers had 990 participants pick out a watch to wear to an important business meeting and to their 10-year high school reunion, where a bully who beat them up would be in attendance. In those scenarios, most participants chose the wider watches over the narrower ones. In another part of the study, researchers asked participants to pick out a car to rent for a business trip that would involve a tough negotiation with a competitor. Participants preferred cars with wider “faces” (the front of the car).

In situations where people would be seeing an old sweetheart or spending time with their families, they had no increased preference for the wider watches or cars, researchers found — a sign that the wider products were only useful to users in scenarios where people wanted to feel dominant.

A key takeaway from the research that watch and car companies may be interested to know: participants said they were willing to pay more for the wider products that made them feel dominant, researchers said.

Dealers' Online Sales Continue to Challenge Watch Brands

But pricing is not the only reason that brands are being undercut by online dealers, according to an April report on the watch trade by L2, a business consultancy based in New York.

Few watch brands invest in search-engine marketing, allowing gray sites to dominate online sales, the L2 report said. Others do not list prices online, it added, allowing gray sites to “intercept frustrated shoppers.”

Mr. Randall said: “Companies that show their brands and don’t put prices on them: What are you, not in business?”

The L2 report said gray sites sell genuine products for average discounts of 28 percent to 49 percent off retail prices, and that savings typically are largest for watches worth $1,000 to $5,000 and $5,000 to $10,000, including models by popular brands like Rolex and Omega. It identified the four major gray sites as Chrono24, based in Germany; Jomashop and Ashford, both based in New York, and AuthenticWatches.