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What the banking royal commission might recommend in its final report

The clock is ticking on the banking royal commission's final report.

Finance firms are waiting to find out what it could mean for the future of their business models, the regulators are bracing for a potential overhaul and it is likely that criminal and civil charges will be recommended.

The commission held 68 days of public hearings, questioned 134 witnesses and had more than 6,500 exhibits tendered, according to senior counsel assisting Rowena Orr QC.

It also received 10,140 online submissions from the public, with the misconduct examined during the public hearings just an example of the bad behaviour that has occurred over the past decade.

The commission's final report is due to be handed to the Governor-General by February 1 — here are just some of the recommendations it might make.

Responsible lending

It is the "royal commission effect" the banks and would-be borrowers have already been very much feeling — a crackdown on lending.

What is the best way to play a rebound in the subprime mortgage / financial services space?

For those looking to make money on the ongoing panic in the financial services area, what is the best vehicle (ETF, mutual fund, equity, or bond) to play a rebound in this sector on the long side? Your ideas, please.

Indeed they stuffing has been knocked out of the financial sector. I am not sure what the best way to play it is. Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider.

ACAS and CSE are two options.