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From UFANA Conference 2010, Toronto, Canada - March 30 & 31, 2010 Catherine Chandler-Crichlow Executive director, Centre of Excellence in ...

Alliance Resource Partners results: The raw numbers

Data source: Alliance Resource Partners.

What happened with Alliance Resource Partners this quarter?

Alliance Resource Partners only partially offset lower prices.

Coal revenue slumped due to lower coal sales prices, which fell 14.9% versus the year-ago period to $45.15 per ton sold. Those weaker prices offset a 6.3% increase in coal sales volumes, which came in at 8.5 million tons for the quarter. While cash flow followed revenue lower, the company partially offset that decline by cutting operating expenses 5.3% despite higher volumes. Alliance Resource Partners announced the elimination of the IDRs held by Alliance Holdings GP, as well as the conversion of its general-partner interest into a noneconomic one in exchange for 56.1 million common units. As a result of that transaction, Alliance Holdings GP now holds 87.2 million of Alliance Resource Partners' 130.7 million outstanding units.

Focusing the Lens on Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IAG-PA.TO) Shares: Technical Update

The Tenkan Sen / Kijun Sen Cross signal occurs when the Tenkan Sen (Turning line) crosses the Kijun Sen (Standard line). A bearish signal occurs when the Tenkan Sen crosses from above to below the Kijun Sen. The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system includes five kinds of signal, of which this site highlights the most recent of each for each ticker.

The Ichimoku signals, including all Ichimoku elements, should never be taken in isolation, but considered in the context of the overall chart. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo is a visual technical analysis system and the charts are designed to be considered in their entirety, with regard given to the relationships between all of the elements, including the price. As such, Ichimoku is not suitable for automated or “single event” decision making.

Investors may be closely watching additional technical levels on shares of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. (IAG-PA.TO). In terms of Relative Strength Index, the 14-day RSI is currently resting at 50.58, the 7-day is 57.95, and the 3-day is standing at 77.92. The RSI, or Relative Strength Index is a popular oscillating indicator among traders and investors. The RSI operates in a range-bound area with values between 0 and 100. When the RSI line moves up, the stock may be experiencing strength. The opposite is the case when the RSI line is heading lower. Different time periods may be used when using the RSI indicator. The RSI may be more volatile using a shorter period of time. Many traders keep an eye on the 30 and 70 marks on the RSI scale. A move above 70 is widely considered to show the stock as overbought, and a move below 30 would indicate that the stock may be oversold.

royal alliance financial services? anyone else get a check and strange letter from them saying you won?

Yep and I suspect it's a scam. DO NOT DEPOSIT IT! If you do, and it's fraud then you are liable for the funds. Notification for sweepstake winners comes via certified mail.. return address on envelope, etc. I reported it on