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From UFANA Conference 2010, Toronto, Canada - March 30 & 31, 2010 Catherine Chandler-Crichlow Executive director, Centre of Excellence in ...

AT&T Announces Strategic Alliance with Brookfield Infrastructure to Offer Colocation, Other Services

)-- AT&T * today announced a new strategic alliance with Brookfield Infrastructure and its institutional partners (“Brookfield”) pursuant to which AT&T will transfer data center colocation operations and assets to Brookfield. Under Brookfield’s ownership, the business will continue to deliver colocation services to customers in 18 Internet Data Centers (IDCs) in the United States and 13 outside the United States. The colocation data center operations serve a diversified customer base of more than 1,000 companies across the technology, financial, industrial, media retail and other sectors worldwide.

AT&T and Brookfield are committed to delivering the same high level of service their customers expect. After the close of the transaction, AT&T will continue to deliver network services to its customers at the IDCs. AT&T will become an active sales channel for the business and will be the anchor tenant of the colocation operations. AT&T will continue to offer customers access to colocation services at more than 350 data centers — including transferred IDCs — around the world as part of AT&T’s colocation ecosystem program.

Advisors and Clients Alike Fail to Address Longevity Risk

Clients have been hearing about the impending retirement “crisis” for so long that many are ignoring the other side of the coin, the risk of running out of retirement funds due to unexpected longevity. Primary among the various “longevity risks” is the potentially astronomical cost of long-term care.

Just how deep the problem runs is explored in a recent survey of 150 advisors’ experiences with planning for LTC, performed by Key Private Bank.

According to the study, nearly 60 percent of respondents reported that less than one-fourth of their clients currently had an LTC plan in place. On the other hand, only 1 percent of advisors replied that more than three-quarters of their clients had such planning in place. Most distressingly, 12 percent of advisors simply don’t know.

As for the reasons why there is such a paucity of preparation in this area, advisors offered a litany of potential complexities and pitfalls. The most common difficulty cited by (52 percent) of respondents is convincing clients to put an LTC plan in place in advance of needing one. Helping clients increase savings for LTC costs without substantially affecting their other financial goals (44 percent) and forecasting caregiving needs and addressing coordination of care (38 percent) were the next two most common responses.

royal alliance financial services? anyone else get a check and strange letter from them saying you won?

Yep and I suspect it's a scam. DO NOT DEPOSIT IT! If you do, and it's fraud then you are liable for the funds. Notification for sweepstake winners comes via certified mail.. return address on envelope, etc. I reported it on