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How bank tellers quietly disappeared from America, and what that means for consumers

The teller of the future does much more than accept cash deposits and fill out money orders. This employee is vital to keeping branch banking alive and relevant in the digital banking world.

The position taking the place of tellers

The future bank teller is morphing into a universal banker, says Edrington. A universal banker is a bank employee who both is on the platform – in the branch desk area where more in-depth conversations take place – and on the teller line. Edrington, who was a teller himself in college, says the universal banker made its retail banking debut around 2010.

“Right after the financial downturn you started to see that whole job wall evolve,” says Edrington.

The evolution means the separation between tellers and platform workers is quickly fading. The universal banker takes away the divide between platform and teller.

Around five or six years ago, the American Bankers Association started offering a universal banker certificate. The series of courses took off immediately, Edrington says.

How much does the Universal American Mortgage Company loan officer make?

As much as they want & can.

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