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EagleBridge Capital Arranges $14000000 Mortgage for One United Drive

Boston–EagleBridge Capital, working exclusively on behalf of its client, has arranged permanent mortgage financing in the amount of $14,000,000 for One United Drive located in West Bridgewater, MA.

The mortgage financing was arranged by EagleBridge principals Brian Sheehan and Ted Sidel who stated that the loan was provided by a leading Massachusetts based financial institution.

One United Drive is the home of Cheer Pack North America (CPNA). Cheer Pack North America is the leading developer and manufacturer of proprietary spouted pouches and packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry. Its products are used in in the packaging of baby food, children’s snacks, dressings, condiments, beverages, refrigerated dairy, pet food, lotions, sunscreens, household cleaners and other food and non-food items.

One United Drive is a 315,000 square foot, manufacturing/distribution building comprised of 30,000 square feet of office space and 285,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space on a 29.86 acre site. Clear heights in the manufacturing /distribution portion of the building range from 22’ to 25’. There are 40 loading docks. Parking is available for 327 vehicles.

Understanding Mortgage Insurance: What's the Difference Between MIP and PMI?

If you come into some extra cash, you do have the option to pay down your principal and get rid of PMI earlier. However, most experts suggest running this past your lender first to check the home’s current property value and ensure the extra principal payment would, in fact, bring the loan-to-value ratio down to 78 percent.

The flip side of the coin: MIP

While PMI goes with conventional loans, some government-backed loans charge what they call a mortgage insurance premium, or MIP.

This type of insurance premium is generally used with loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Just like PMI, this insurance serves as protection for the lender against losses that result from defaults on home mortgages

“MIP is calculated a bit differently than PMI,” said Leonard. “There is an upfront fee as well as a monthly premium, and the rate is based on loan amount only. FHA borrowers pay 1.75 percent of loan amount up front and .85 percent monthly. On USDA loans, 1 percent is paid up front and .35 percent is paid monthly.”

I receive a letter from united state mortgage crisis center with hope now bill and they could help should I go

They want to help me reduce my payments but I have to paid them 325.00 and they refinance my house for me should I do it? They contact my current lender and negotiate with them to lower my payments.

Sounds like a scam, you can contact your lender yourself.