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Another concert moved from Portsmouth's Union Bank & Trust Pavilion

The city does not have a set date as to when the damage on the main support mast will be repaired. In addition, no work towards permanent repairs has started. As a result, Friday’s concert is the eighth one that has been moved or rescheduled.

It’s an ongoing issue for the city and concert-goers. The negative effects have even trickled down to local restaurants. Tyler McMillen, the owner of Baron’s Pub, is feeling the impact.

"It hurts. There's been times when these streets should have been filled with people on a Friday and Saturday night when it’s not busy,” said McMillen. "It's really kind of difficult because it's probably the nicest place in the area to see a show. It brings people downtown."

Another nearby business, Guads Mexican Restaurant, depends on the pavilion’s clientele to bring in customers. Restaurant manager Rodrigo Ramirez remembers the rush of people who would come in before and after concerts. Now, their bar is empty on those nights.

How long does it take for union bank to deposit a check?

I'm trying to deposit a check into my checking account at union bank and it is taking forever to show up in my account. I walked into their bank and deposited at the teller, so it is none of this online banking stuff.

It show up right away. The funds may not be available immediately, but the transaction should definitely show up. Better give them a call! They will also be able to tell you exactly when the funds will be available.