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Former Union Bank CEO back in the game

Joe Shearin, a member of the CBB board and CEO of Sonabank, said consolidation in the banking industry overall, particularly among community banks, has affected the bankers bank business model.

“The industry is shrinking, so its customer base is shrinking,” Shearin said of CBB. “When community banks merge and get bigger, they might not need a bankers bank as much. There’s a finite amount of customers.”

Steady, substantial profitability has been hard to come by for CBB in recent years.

It turned a profit of $335,000 in 2016, fell to a loss of $361,000 in 2017 and is in the black by $140,000 through the first three quarters of 2018.

This comes during a period of steady profit and growth for most banks, at least in central Virginia.

Its deposit base also has been shrinking. It had $109 million in deposits as of Sept. 30, down from a peak of $142 million in 2013.

Shearin said Beale’s experience growing Union from a small rural bank to among the largest regional banks based in Virginia – it was just shy of $10 billion before he retired in early 2017 and since has surpassed $13 billion – is why the board reached out to try to lure him back into the business, at least temporarily.

Union Bank, LASG, insist on improved investment in education

“We want Edu360 to be the leading education platform in Nigeria, bringing together various participants, actors and fostering collaboration among stakeholders in the education ecosystem, thereby bringing about the much-needed investment in this sector. We firmly believe that the private sector, working closely with the government and other stakeholders, can play a critical role in fast-tracking solutions to move the educational sector forward.

“At Union Bank, we are committed to identifying sectors that are vital to shaping a better, sustainable future for Nigerians. That is why the theme is ‘Investing in the Future.’ We are yesterday’s future, and the children are today’s future. As such we have to keep investing in today’s future and the future’s future. This is because the world is changing and we have to keep pace and keep investing in education,” Emuwa urged.

While delivering the keynote address, the Managing Director of The Education Partnership Centre, Dr Modupe Olateju-Adefeso, spoke extensively on the linkages between education and national development, drawing examples from the health sector.

How long does it take for union bank to deposit a check?

I'm trying to deposit a check into my checking account at union bank and it is taking forever to show up in my account. I walked into their bank and deposited at the teller, so it is none of this online banking stuff.

It show up right away. The funds may not be available immediately, but the transaction should definitely show up. Better give them a call! They will also be able to tell you exactly when the funds will be available.