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Jessica Mazzaccaro Joins Chelsea Groton Bank Lending Center in Glastonbury
Jessica Mazzaccaro Joins Chelsea Groton Bank Lending Center in Glastonbury “Like the other members of our team, Jessica takes great pride in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and colleagues. She will be Prior to that, she held positions at MortgageIT and Option One Mortgage. She is a graduate of 

The Lower Ninth Ward, Ten Years After Katrina
The Lower Ninth Ward, Ten Years After Katrina It is a shadow of what it once was, but the residents who have returned have an enduring sense of community and civic pride. There are rows of . Some residents who had mortgages on their homes were forced to pay them immediately in full after the storm.

Giuliani's New York, Shattered
Giuliani's New York, Shattered Of course, many people contributed along the way, not the least of which was a police force newly re-engaged in restoring a great city's pride. But it was the unrelenting drive of one indispensable man that turned it around. For those of you who

Liberty Bank Selects Accenture for Advanced Loan Origination Technology to ...
“We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work and forming deep relationships with our clients, which has allowed us to exceed Liberty Bank's expectations,” said Trevor Gauthier, managing director of Accenture Mortgage Cadence. “Going live is just

Pride Mortgage Services au Pride Mortgage Services Penrith is a full-service mortgage broking business. We're with you every step of the ...

Mortgage Options Announces Hiring of De'Laine Law

COLUMBIA, SC - November 5, 2018 - Mortgage Options Inc. is pleased to announce that De’Laine Law has recently joined the company as a Production Manager.

De’Laine is a licensed mortgage professional who has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. She takes great pride in providing her customers with exceptional service through her knowledge and experience in South Carolina and Georgia.

De’Laine was previously with Ameris Bank as a Senior Mortgage Banker for two years. Her role included assisting homeowners seeking residential mortgages to refinance and purchase real estate.  De’Laine specializes in VA Lending, First-Time Homebuyers and building lasting relationships with Clients, Builders, and Realtors.

“We are extremely excited to have De’Laine back with Mortgage Options.  She spent three years with us previously.  She’s a terrific asset to the company and we look forward to providing the platform for her to excel and grow her business,” expressed Mario del Pino, Principle/Owner of Mortgage Options.

Gateway Mortgage Group Demonstrates Dedication to Serving Native American Communities

In 1990, November was designated as National American Indian Heritage Month, which recognizes the significant contributions the first Americans made to the foundation and development of the United States. Native American Indians have a rich culture and legacy that should be celebrated and supported, and currently, there are 567 federally recognized tribes across the nation.

Gateway is passionate about strengthening families, and the company prides itself on hiring local, caring mortgage professionals who are experienced with the Section 184 Home Loan Guarantee Program and are committed to Native American communities. Created in 1992 by HUD, the program provides low down payments and flexible underwriting to Native American borrowers. Additionally, Gateway supports its Native American customers in contacting their tribe’s housing authority to determine if down payment assistance is also available. The company offers solutions to meet every mortgage need with customized products, rates and technology. Gateway provides these services to Native Americans in 40 states including Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota and more. Since 2000, Gateway’s core purpose has been to originate and service home loans for all Americans.

Am I wrong or is my pride the problem?

Am I wrong or is it my pride in the way?
I am going through a lot right now and sometimes the least thing will annoy me but I try to keep it in check. I live with my daughter, my granddaughter and my son-in-law.