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Jessica Mazzaccaro Joins Chelsea Groton Bank Lending Center in Glastonbury
Jessica Mazzaccaro Joins Chelsea Groton Bank Lending Center in Glastonbury “Like the other members of our team, Jessica takes great pride in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers and colleagues. She will be Prior to that, she held positions at MortgageIT and Option One Mortgage. She is a graduate of 

The Lower Ninth Ward, Ten Years After Katrina
The Lower Ninth Ward, Ten Years After Katrina It is a shadow of what it once was, but the residents who have returned have an enduring sense of community and civic pride. There are rows of . Some residents who had mortgages on their homes were forced to pay them immediately in full after the storm.

Giuliani's New York, Shattered
Giuliani's New York, Shattered Of course, many people contributed along the way, not the least of which was a police force newly re-engaged in restoring a great city's pride. But it was the unrelenting drive of one indispensable man that turned it around. For those of you who

Liberty Bank Selects Accenture for Advanced Loan Origination Technology to ...
“We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work and forming deep relationships with our clients, which has allowed us to exceed Liberty Bank's expectations,” said Trevor Gauthier, managing director of Accenture Mortgage Cadence. “Going live is just

Pride Mortgage Services au Pride Mortgage Services Penrith is a full-service mortgage broking business. We're with you every step of the ...

The pride of ownership

Homeownership. Said to be a component of the American Dream. And yet for nearly 40 years I have always been the steadfast and loyal renter.

But not anymore.

At the ripe old age of 62, I am now the proud owner of a small, but suitable and for me quite livable Westwood cabin. Or more precisely, the loan company is the owner until I turn 92.

I never missed a rental payment in all the years I was a tenant. Now it’s called a mortgage, and just as before I plan on applying that same discipline each and every month to pay my house payments, an easy enough task given that funds are auto-paid from my checking account.

Built in 1925, the structure’s former history was that of a kind of hostel for sawyers and loggers in the lumberjack trade back during Westwood’s heyday.

To add a bit more history to the story, this is the last remaining cabin (Cabin 25) of many that were built that once housed up to 12 men during the days of the Red River Lumber Co., providing long-term shelter when the snow was too deep in winter to harvest trees, or in summer when work was plentiful.

Promoting Diversity in the Mortgage Business

On Wednesday, the Five Star Institute hosted the Five Star Diversity Symposium in Dallas, Texas. The event was a day-long event focused on advancing the conversation on diversity within the mortgage industry, and featured keynote addresses from industry leaders as well as panel discussions.

Wednesday’s Symposium featured presentations from Charmaine Brown, Director in the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion at Fannie Mae; Bob McCranie, Broker and Owner of Texas Pride Realty; Lori A. Trawinski, Director, Financial Security Team at the AARP Public Policy Institute; Five Star President and CEO Ed Delgado; and many more.

Sheri Crosby Wheeler, VP Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Cooper, kicked off the day with a presentation titled “Disrupting Diversity & Inclusion: New Strategies, Initiatives and Technologies to Take Your Efforts to the Next Level.” Afterward, Lola Oyewole, HR Leader, U.S Operations and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Ocwen Financial Corporation moderated a panel on “Retaining and Advancing Underrepresented Talent,” featuring panel members including Caren Castle, Senior Attorney, The Wolf Firm.

Am I wrong or is my pride the problem?

Am I wrong or is it my pride in the way?
I am going through a lot right now and sometimes the least thing will annoy me but I try to keep it in check. I live with my daughter, my granddaughter and my son-in-law.

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