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The biggest earners in finance don't work at banks

For the second year in a row, publicly traded companies have disclosed this information, shedding light now how much the average employee makes at their firm. The WSJ looked at 1,300 companies in the financial, real estate and insurance sectors, but we’ve taken it a step further and pulled just the companies that operate mortgage channels.

Among the six largest big banks, Citigroup had the lowest median pay at $49,766. JPMorgan Chase reported a median pay of $78,923, while Wells Fargo posted a median pay of $65,191.

Court Notes 4/25/19 - News


• Daniel W. Falkowski et al. to Julio Rafael Mayreles et al., $73,500; Division Street, Kingston.

• Jacqueline Shattuck et al. to Norberto DelGado et al., $75,000; North Church Street, Hazleton.

• Fay Slenzak et al. to Paul D. Smith, $110,000; Bear Creek Twp.

• Gibson Zayas et al. to Vanessa Echavarria Moncion et al., $145.000; Hazleton.

• U.S. Bank et al. to Raymond W. Merrill et al., $295,000; Hazle Twp.

• Jack Rosenzweig et al. to Tanner Long et al., $1.465,000; Wright Twp.

• Paul Connolly et al. to Robert A. Anders, $182.900; Forty Fort.

• Leonard W. Gibson Jr. et al. to Carlos A. Diaz Mateo et al., $110,000; Muir Avenue, Hazleton.

• Anne Melnyk to Yorky F. Torres Martinez, $73.440; Freeland.

• Jennifer Breese et al. to Edmund Wilczewski Jr. et al., $95,000; Hazle Street, Hanover Twp.

• Luchi Real Estate LLC to Genea Dobson et al., $323,900; Jenkins Twp.

What is the URL to pay your PNC Mortgage bill online, if you don't have a PNC Bank Checking Account?

It is not on the PNC website, it's a third party "bill aggregator" that lets you pay your PNC Mortgage bill. They make you use this third party aggregator if you don't have a PNC checking account.

Does anyone know this URL?

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