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Amerault joins Mortgage Network's Bedford office
Amerault brings to Mortgage Network 30 years of mortgage banking, loan origination and loan underwriting experience in her local region. Most recently, Amerault served as vice president and senior loan officer for NE Moves Mortgage, where she was a 

Cramer: What's driving this rally
With all of the talk of Fed tapering and how that would be terrible for the financials and with all of the chatter of the weakness of the mortgage and refinance markets, it was natural to think that this was going to be a year when the banks, already

The Biggest, Baddest Movie Monster of 2013? Capitalism
The Biggest, Baddest Movie Monster of 2013? Capitalism Just take a look at Alexander Payne's bittersweet, black-and-white comedy Nebraska, where the excessive wealth fabricated by Wall Street contrasts the flat, destitute looking American heartland, drained of color, if not life. The film details the

December bond taper surprised most dealers: NY Fed poll
The poll, taken before the Fed's December 17-18 meeting, when it reduced its monthly Treasuries and mortgage-backed program by $10 billion to $75 billion beginning in January, showed that only 25 percent of primary dealers expected the Fed would cut

BNI Commonwealth Referral: Santini Sisters - NE Moves Mortgage [Signarama Cambridge]

The Santini Sisters of NE Moves Mortgage can double your service, double your savings on home financing. Lindsay Santini-Moran Contact Information ...

Bill to reduce home insurance costs moves forward

The controversy originally centered on water-damage claims to homes in South Florida, but it has moved to other parts of the state and insurance claims for windshield damage.

State Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis appeared at the Senate committee and implored lawmakers to address the issue, which he said is driving up insurance premiums. He also pointed to the divisions among groups lobbying on what is known in the Capitol by the shorthand “AOB.”

“All we’ve got is 60 days to fix this,” Patronis said. “And if we don’t do anything for another 60 days, then we’re just sticking the citizens of the state of Florida with another higher bill because we will continue to pass on the struggles and frustrations that these sides will not get together to discuss and work out. So unfortunately, sometimes you have to be the adult in the room and force legislation upon them.”

Broxson’s original version of the bill only addressed imposing limits on attorney fees, the main request of insurers and business groups. But he had to pull back the proposal after Sen. Tom Lee, R-Thonotosassa, joined Democrats on the committee in opposing it.

Finance of America Reverse Unveils New Brand Dedicated to Helping People Get to Work on Retirement

“About a year ago, we made a significant investment in consumer research to better understand how people across the country are approaching retirement and how strategic uses of home equity could play a role,” said Kristen Sieffert, president, Finance of America Reverse. “We learned that before anyone can consider using home equity – or any loan product – to Fund retirement, they need to make a decision to be proactive about planning for retirement. That finding motivated us to not only continue building a comprehensive product suite but also to identify what else we could do to break down barriers to achieving a fulfilling retirement and integrate that into our business.”

Research Highlights

FAR conducted qualitative and quantitative research in 2017 with a representative sample of older American homeowners. Highlights include:

Although housing wealth for homeowners

Has anyone used one of those 'sell and rent back you house' companies in the UK (NE)? Recommend or not?

in a bit of a financial and family ill health hole so can't move house but can't afford to stay mortgaged either. Help please!!!

I think you should read the terms and conditions carefully.

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