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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines's Navigator of the Seas Sail Away 1-17-2009

Watch and listen to the Navigator of the Seas sail away from Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The weather was picture perfect as the ...

Wilbur Ross adds to list of stocks sold short

Wilbur Ross says he sold short shares in other companies on which he served as a director as the one-time shipping investor faces continued scrutiny on his finances.

The latest disclosures, made to CNBC, centre on his holdings in airplane leasing business Air Lease and mortgage services firm Ocwen Financial. Ross said he received stock in each of the companies for serving on their board of directors.

Ross, who sold off his stake in tanker owner Diamond S Shipping last year , came under fire for selling short shares in gas ship owner Navigator Holdings, in which he held up to a 40% stake at one time.

The Navigator short sale occurred shortly before a newspaper article highlighted Navigator's business with a Russian energy company with links to the Kremlin.

Ross denied that the short sale was tied to the article, saying Navigator's Russian business was already disclosed and the sales were part of a larger divestment of his Navigator business.

Real estate financing in Sweden

What are the typical providers of real estate financing in your jurisdiction? Are there any restrictions on who may provide financing?

Real estate financing is typically provided by local, pan-Nordic and international banks; however, non-bank institutions, such as direct lending funds and other alternative debt providers, are increasingly active. Institutional investors tend to participate through the public debt capital markets, but there has also been some activity by, for example, insurers in the direct lending space.

Lending itself is not a regulated activity unless it involves consumers. However, if the entity extending loans also accepts deposits from the public, this constitutes a regulated financial activity which requires a permit (either directly from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) or through EU passporting rules). Further, if the lending activity is considered regular, the entity may be regarded as conducting a permanent financing business in Sweden, in which case the FSA must be notified. Although the regulations are not entirely clear, less frequent lending to Swedish borrowers does not usually require notification.

an informercial about a company called navigator loans, says they can lower mortgage payments?

Haven't seen it here myself - but my bet is they are selling people on the idea of an Interest only loan.

You never pay off the principal - you just pay forever on the interest.