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Here's a commercial I produced for Mortgage Depot featuring the "Debt Monkey"

Four Bennington business sites headed for auction

BENNINGTON — Three familiar Bennington business properties could soon change hands via foreclosure or tax sale auction.

According to public notices posted in the Bennington Banner, property between 113 Depot St. and 174-84 North St. — a cleared area that encompasses the former Henry M. Tuttle Co. lumber and hardware site — will be sold at auction by the mortgage holder on May 10 at 11 a.m. at the site.

The owner of record since is Applejack Real Estate Partners, LLC, and the mortgage holder is Apollo Industries Inc., represented by attorney Joseph O'Dea.

The notice states that Tuttle Co. conveyed the property to Johnson's Fuel Service Inc. in 1996, and it was later transferred to Applejack Real Estate in 2005.

Terms of the pending auction include a required $10,000 deposit from the high bidder, to be increased to 10 percent of the sale price within five days after the sale, and to sign a purchase and sale agreement without contingencies at the time of the sale.

Are iBuyer competitors an existential threat to Zillow?

“Zillow has been the clear market leader, and there was no credible threat that could unseat it from its powerful position. However, the entry of iBuyers with a service that made instant offers on a home – online – was novel and compelling, just like the Zestimate in 2006.”

DelPrete, a scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, said getting a cash offer from an iBuyer is even better than Zestimate.

“What better way to value your home than an actual offer?”

What DelPrete’s report overlooks is Zillow’s deep pockets and its five-year plan to dominate the iBuying space. The company bought 686 homes in seven markets last year after starting Zillow Offers in April 2018, according to regulatory filings. The company plans to double its footprint to 14 cities by the end of 2019, and in five years it plans to purchase 5,000 properties a month, according to its fourth quarter report.

Most impressively, Zillow has $1 billion worth of firepower. It has expanded credit facilities to support growth in the iBuyer space.

anyone use Lowe's/Home Depot for kitchen installation?

hubby and i will be inheriting a house from grandma and, well, it's stuck in 1953. everything is original to the house, including the appliances, rugs, etc.

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