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Delhi ranked 6th in world's top 10 best performing metro economies

Delhi may be one of the worst polluted cities in the world, but the metropolitan city surely isn't behind when it comes to economic performance. The megacity has been ranked on the sixth place in terms of best performing metropolitan economies in the world. The five metro cities that have been ranked above Delhi in the 2018 edition of Global Metro Monitor report are Dublin, San Jose, Chengdu, San Francisco and Beijing.

Other Indian metropolitan cities that have been able to secure the place in top 100 metro cities include Hyderabad (ranked 14), Surat (19), Mumbai (23), Bangaluru (46), Kolkata (59), Ahmedabad (86), and Pune (88). This year's sample comprised 300 largest metropolitan economies in the world, based on the size of their economies in 2016 at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) rates.

The emerging Asia Pacific nations outside of China housed some of the largest-growing metropolitan areas in the world. Together, large metro areas in this region averaged 2.8 per cent annual employment growth (above the region's 1.6 per cent) and 4.9 per cent annual GDP per capita growth (below the region's 5.1 percent).

GMAC Mortgage trying to nickel and dime me - help!?

I'm a first time homeowner, we just purchased a house in California on a 30 yr fixed loan. Prior to our first mortgage payment to Metrocities, our mortgage was sold to GMAC.

If your payment is supposed to include taxes and insurance, there is likely a change there and expect that to happen every year. Living in CA, assume that will happen every year.
They can review insurance requirements.