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5 metro cities among dozens to put use tax for online purchases up for vote on April 3 ballot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Five metro cities are proposing a local use tax on certain online purchases, and on April 3, voters will be tasked with making the decision.

Liberty, Independence, Blue Springs, Belton and Odessa are among 31 Missouri cities that are considering the use tax, which is essentially a sales tax applied to residents’ online purchases from out-of-state vendors. The use tax wouldn’t apply to in-state online purchases.

If voters in the five cities approve the use tax, the rate would be the same as the municipal sales tax in that city.

Kansas City, Grandview, St. Joseph, Springfield and St. Louis already have a local use tax. Amazon began collecting sales tax in Missouri in 2017.

“The explosive growth of online sales has led to a significant decline in sales tax receipts for Missouri cities,” Stuart Haynes, Missouri Municipal League policy and membership associate, said in a news release. “This has a significant negative impact on local municipal budgets as they miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in local sales tax revenue.

Like Shimla, threat of water crisis looms over many hill stations, metro cities

Shimla, a summer-getaway for many, has been facing a water crisis for 14 days now, with residents urging tourists to stay away and protests erupting over inequitable distribution of water in different parts of the city.

According to experts, several hill stations and metro cities could face a similar crisis within a decade and the warning signs may start showing in the next three or four years.

“Cities like Bangalore and Delhi depend on groundwater. But, with increasing population and the natural sources of water — Yamuna in the case of Delhi and several lakes in the case of Bangalore — either being cemented over or being polluted, even the groundwater is not getting recharged,” said Sushmita Sengupta, programme manager of Centre for Science and Environment’s water programme.

Sengupta said moving away from traditional conservation methods has added to the problem. “The hill stations usually receive high rainfall, but without conservation methods in place, it just runs off. More and more people are depending on piped water, which is taken from the valley and needs continuous pumping, leading to a shortage if there is any interruption ,” she said.

GMAC Mortgage trying to nickel and dime me - help!?

I'm a first time homeowner, we just purchased a house in California on a 30 yr fixed loan. Prior to our first mortgage payment to Metrocities, our mortgage was sold to GMAC.

If your payment is supposed to include taxes and insurance, there is likely a change there and expect that to happen every year. Living in CA, assume that will happen every year.
They can review insurance requirements.