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New study shows where millennials have the most debt

A new LendingTree study found that the average millennial living in one of the 50 biggest metro area cities in the United States has a median total debt of $23,064.

“The millennial generation makes up the younger portion of adults, and as they build their careers, families and communities, they’re doing it encumbered by personal debt,” said Kali McFadden, a senior research analyst at LendingTree who led this study.

Looking at anonymous credit report data from My LendingTree users, the researchers were able to see not only where millennials have the biggest debt obligations (excluding mortgage payments), but also the average debt breakdown of the five main debt types: student, auto, credit cards, personal, and other.

GMAC Mortgage trying to nickel and dime me - help!?

I'm a first time homeowner, we just purchased a house in California on a 30 yr fixed loan. Prior to our first mortgage payment to Metrocities, our mortgage was sold to GMAC.

If your payment is supposed to include taxes and insurance, there is likely a change there and expect that to happen every year. Living in CA, assume that will happen every year.
They can review insurance requirements.