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Getting a mortgage is a big step, and in today's economic climate, that step can seem even bigger. But it doesn't have to be.By doing your ...

This is what happens when you get a bunch of mortgage marketers in the same room

Whether you were able to be there in person or are planning on coming next year, I wanted to recap the highlights, with help from the audience on what made them take note. Below are a few key points from every session:

Keynote Address from Brittany Hodak

Brittany translated her deep experience marketing entertainment brands into the WAVE method of creating super fans — advocates who are your company’s greatest asset. Her incredible stories were backed by serious data and made a lasting impression on our audience. (Anyone else sign up for after hearing how they took care of Bear?)

Personal Branding Super Session

This series of three mini-sessions provided very tactical how-to’s about what’s working on social right now, how to stay compliant while you’re busy letting loose, and the critical importance of podcast and voice to your company’s success. This was chock-full of valuable intel!

The shifting landscape: Top lenders share insight on attracting today's borrowers

That was the subject of the “How to Attract New Buyer Groups” panel held Thursday at HousingWire’s conference in Charlotte.

On the panel were Leora Ruzin, vice president of secondary marketing at Guaranteed Rate ; Keosha Burns, vice president of public relations at JPMorgan Chase ; Patricia Korth-McDonnell, chief marketing officer at ; and Riffat Lakhani, vice president of marketing at Guidance Residential .

The consensus among the panelists was that mortgage companies need to be prepared for whatever borrower comes to them, whether they’re young, old, or anywhere in between.

“Homeownership is still a universal goal, but we’re getting there in different ways now,” Burns said.

Burns, who came to Chase from Fannie Mae , discussed how Chase is now focusing on being an informative resource for potential borrowers.

Has anyone used guidance mortgage relief for a mortgage modification?

Did they charge a ton on money, they haven't given me a quote yet.

Yes I am currently a client and so far they have been quite the advocate for me.

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