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A wealth of options for money advice
A wealth of options for money advice “The next 10 to 15 years will be spent getting comfortable buying services online,” Kitces, a Virginia-based financial planner who tracks the industry on his Nerd's Eye View blog, said. The range of online tools varies in Banks are often overlooked

Mojo - January 2014
Mojo - January 2014 A Virginia man who claims that as a teenager he was detained, interrogated, and abused in Kuwait at the behest of the Obama administration (a story I wrote about here) has won a key victory in his lawsuit against the government. A George W. Bush

Bank of America Mortgage Rates: 30-Year Refinance Rates and Home Loans for ...
Bank of America Mortgage Rates: 30-Year Refinance Rates and Home Loans for ... In other news, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported on Wednesday, that its Market Composite Index, which measures overall mortgage activity, improved 4.7% on a seasonally adjusted basis in the week ended January 17. Loan applications for

Bank of Lancaster Announces Promotions
Randal R. Greene, President and CEO of Bank of Lancaster and Bay Banks of Virginia, reports that the Bank's Board of Directors promoted both Pamela J. Fawver and Robert H. Fleet, III to the office of Senior Vice President. Fawver, a life-time resident

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Seniors' Home Equity Grows by $149B in Fourth Quarter

“Today’s retirees are more likely to leave the workforce with a mortgage and other debts that can put stress on monthly cash flow,” NRMLA president and CEO Peter Bell said in a statement announcing the results. “In these situations, financial products that convert home equity to cash could be used to pay off revolving debt from credit cards and reduce or defer monthly mortgage payments.”

RiskSpan calculates the index by comparing the increase in home values and the changes in mortgage debt held by seniors aged 62 and older. In the fourth quarter, home values among that cohort rose by $163 billion, or 2.0%, in RiskSpan’s assessment, while mortgage debt increased by 0.9% or $13.4 billion.

The RMMI is benchmarked against a baseline value from 2000, the first year the index was calculated. The 2017 year-end figure represents an 8.3% year-over-year boost in the index itself, compared to an 8.0% rise in 2016 and an 8.5% gain in 2015.

NRMLA and RiskSpan’s results also generally track with recent data from other sources: Real estate research firm CoreLogic, for instance, recently  pegged the overall home equity gain for U.S. homeowners at $908 billion last year. In addition, a survey from mortgage consultancy American Financing last year found that 44% of homeowners aged 60 to 70 planned to keep holding a mortgage into retirement, while 16% said they might never pay it off.

As Mortgage Lenders Get Faster, Home Buyers Get Cheaper Rates

Home Inventory Falls Below 32,000 Per State

Two words. Home Supply. Low Rates. Can’t buy. No listings. Open houses. Cash offers. Contingency waiving. Sit back. Pocket listing.

Mortgage shopping. Lock-n-waiting. Spring season. Agreement reaching.

Everybody move. Hopefully! Because, right now, it’s tough to be out there buying a place.

Whether you’re in the north, west, Chicago, or somewhere else, homes for sale are scarce and we can see it in numbers.

New data from the National Association of REALTORS® shows another 8 percent drop in homes listed for sale into March, lowering the number of listed homes below 32,000 per state, split roughly 90/10 between detached homes and condos.

And, because homes are selling so quickly, at the current pace of sales, the entire available stock will be exhausted by mid-July.

That is, unless more sellers decide to list. Which they will. And, the best thing you can to do as a buyer is to get prepped for when that happens with your lender.